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For the Picky Valentine

Your sweetheart has very specific tastes. Some might even describe him or her as (gasp!) picky. That said, the plan this Valentine’s Day is to really knock their socks off with a gift that honors their predilection for (fill in the blank). Stumped about where to start? We give you a few suggestions that are guaranteed to make their heart skip a beat.

The Vintage Man

From his Brylcreemed pompadour down to his wing tips, everything about your man screams another era. Honor his love for a time when rock and roll was king and having cocktails at noon (in the office) was the norm, with a vintage looking bar cart. Add the necessary accoutrements (martini shaker, high ball glasses, stirs) and stock it with his favorite liquors and you’ll have your favorite Daddy-O swooning.

The Science Lover

Look up “geek chic” in the dictionary and chances are you’ll find a picture of your lady love. Not only is she a science whiz, but her taste for interior decor is impeccable. Honor her penchant for the elements with a wall piece that’s got chemistry (literally!). This French Periodic Table not only makes the grade as a unique accent piece, but it also shows her that you have a heart made of AU (gold). A gift like this isn’t available at a big box store. Instead, you’ll need to look for something this special at a vintage sign company, a flea market or at online stores like Etsy or Ebay. Guaranteed the search will be half the fun.

The Do-It-Yourselfer

Whether he’s refinishing the dining room floor or repainting the bedroom, your husband always seems to have his hands in some sort of home repair project. That said, for someone so busy making upgrades in the old home, the state of his tool chest is much to be desired.

Take his tools to the next level (and give him the gift of organization) with a custom garage storage system from On Wall Solutions. He’ll be able to pick out the perfect configuration and you’ll never have to hear, “Honey, where’s my hammer?” ever again.

The Avant Gardener

A recent move to the city means your wife hasn’t been able to get outside and use her green thumb. While the lack of a backyard has limited her gardening options, it doesn’t mean cultivating a little greenery is completely impossible. Surprise her with an indoor option that lets her grow herbs, vegetables or her favorite flora and fauna the high tech way. This indoor aide features a variety of plant support options, the proper grow lights and a control panel that allows her to customize how she wants the garden to function.

Aero indoor garden
Photo: Aero Garden

By Megan Mostyn-Brown

Do you have a larger gift in mind for your picky sweetheart? Then you should look to EiEi Home’s home service professionals to help you with your project.

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