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Freshen your space with these indoor gardening tips

Whether you lack outdoor space or are just looking for ways to bring the outside indoors, indoor gardening is a great way to freshen up your home. If you can correctly master the skill of interior gardening, you’ll add benefits to your home that go far beyond aesthetics – including improved air quality and quick access to organic fruits and vegetables. This beginner’s guide to indoor gardening will help you get started.

Choose plants that are easy to grow indoors and know how to care for them

indoor gardening tips
Photos courtesy of House Beautiful

There are many options for plants that are easy to grow inside your home, but depending on whether or not you trust yourself to keep a plant alive you may want to choose a plant type that is certain to thrive indoors – plants like these are popular choices. Be sure to do your research before you select a plant. You’re home’s layout should be an essential part of your decision – some plants need direct sunlight, while other plants can survive in low lighting.

Know which vegetables and fruits will grow well inside

indoor gardening tips
Photo courtesy of Care2

Believe it or not, even an amateur gardener can grow a vegetable, fruit, or herb garden indoors. Easy vegetables to grow at home include tomatoes, carrots, beans, peppers and potatoes. While fruit is more difficult to grow inside, peaches, apricots, grapes, and strawberries are able to flourish indoors. Avoid common mistakes like under or over watering your fruit and vegetable plants, or not using a nutrient boost in the soil. Don’t be too ambitious – produce gardens can be challenging, so start slow!

Combine green with inspired home décor

indoor gardening
Photos courtesy of House Beautiful and This Little Street

If you lack a green thumb but still want to reap the benefits of having plants in your home, then consider incorporating houseplants into your home décor using species you’re certain you won’t kill. Low-maintenance indoor plants include peace lilies, aloe plants, English ivy and succulents. Whether your home has a rustic vibe or modern flair, there are plenty of options for decorating with houseplants that will suit your home’s style. Wall-mounted planters achieve a contemporary look, while an elevated planter can provide a more traditional ambiance. Find a look you like, and start gardening!

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