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From Clutter to Cozy: Organizing Your Home

The frosty weather may be keeping you indoors. It’s a great time to catch up on that book you wanted to read, or that movie you wanted to see or…on that cleaning and organizing you keep putting off!  Now is the time to get it done. It may seem overwhelming and you may not know where to start. We’re here to help! Here are some tips to clear up that clutter and have your home coordinated and cozy.

Clutter Hot Spots

There are certain areas in your home that tend to collect chaos. It could be your kitchen table piled with bags, bills and flyers, or maybe it’s the junk drawer stuffed with coupons, elastics and random odds and ends. Your first step is to identify these areas and start sorting through them. Here are some of the most common areas that get cluttered the fastest:

  • Kitchen – often dubbed the hub of any home.
  • Bathroom – personal products, hair dryers and other tools take up a lot of counter and drawer space.
  • Basement – the go-to place to store just about anything!


The key to organizing with little stress is to tackle each project or room one at a time. All you need is a garbage bag for items that should be thrown out and a box for donations. Take a good look at items – if you haven’t used them in awhile, you probably don’t need it. Then decide if it’s for the trash or a treasure for someone else. This can be a challenge if there is something with sentimental value. Stay focused! If you aren’t displaying it or haven’t looked at it in a year or so, you don’t really need it.

Everything in its Place

With all the extras cleared away or donated, it’s now time to get down to organizing. For all the warranties, coupons and paperwork, buy some binders and clear pockets. Label each binder and tuck away the paperwork in the clear pockets. If you have a lot of paper strewn around, it may be worth it to invest in a filing cabinet.  It doesn’t have to be the cold cabinet found in an office, but a stylish cabinet that will fit right into your home décor. You can even take a dresser or an antique piece and get inserts to make it work with your interior style.

Create Storage

There may still be odds and ends taking up valuable space. Perhaps the Christmas decorations, your summer clothes or some keepsakes that just don’t fit into your current home, but you want to save for the future? That’s where a storage service can come in handy. We have a list of storage specialists who can assist you int he process of decluttering your home by providing suitable storage solutions.


Clean Slatedo it yourself

Now that your home is clutter-free, its time give your home a good cleaning. Let’s face it: nobody really likes scrubbing that never-ending trail of fingerprints on mirrors and stainless steel, or the watermarks and grout stains in the bathroom.  There is something that can help you with all of this – EnduroShield* – a micro-thin protective coating that adheres to steel, glass, chrome or ceramic surfaces and provides protection that repels water and oil based stains. You simply need to wipe any treated surface with a mild detergent and cloth to wash away any dirt, fingerprints or soap scum. Once you do the one-time easy product application, your surfaces are protected for 10 years!

Getting organized doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. With the right attitude, you can get the job done in no time and enjoy your home. After all, the winter weather is here to stay for another few weeks!

If the thought of getting organized makes you nervous, don’t worry! We have a list of storage experts who can provide the right materials you need to declutter your home. Consult our database of furniture places to find unique and stylish pieces that will keep your home organized!

*Sold at Home Depot.

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