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Furnishing Awkward Spaces

We all want our home looking its best, but sometimes the layout makes it difficult to decorate. Everyone has that one awkward space that they’re not quite sure what to do with. Here are some of the top awkward spaces every homeowner struggles with, and how to make them look amazing.

Above Cabinetry

 furnishing awkward spacesPhoto Source: Burlap and Blue

Gaps between your cabinetry and ceiling are always a difficult space to furnish. Because they are so small and high up, it can be hard to decide what you put up there, if anything at all. However, displaying some of your nicest table wear up there will not only brighten up your kitchen and give you added storage, but draw the eye up and make your ceilings look taller. Or if you prefer to keep things looking sleek, line the top of your cabinets with beautiful baskets and hide your belongings.

Small Corner

furnishing awkward spacesPhoto Source: Apartment Therapy

When it comes to small corners, space for furnishings is limited. Decorating such a small space can be tricky, as you want to avoid making it looked crammed or cluttered. Try to avoid placing furniture in your corner and focus your attention on wall space. Hang some art work or picture frames to bring life to the area; or try hanging a plant or fixture from the ceiling, it will beautifully fill up the space, without looking crowded.

Nonexistent Entryway

furnishing awkward spacesPhoto Source: House Beautiful

Not all homes have grand entryways, or even a closet near the front door; and this can become a problem when trying to keep your place clean and organized. Make your own entrance way by defining the space with a rug or welcome matt and installing a storage solution to hide shoes and coats. Don’t be afraid to use the wall space behind your door, it will be closed most of the time and is the perfect spot to hang a mirror or install slim cabinets or shelving.


furnishing awkward spacesPhoto Source: Better Homes & Gardens

If your nook is wide enough, it is a great spot for a small home office, secluded and quiet it is ideal for getting work done. Add a desk, some colourful paint and a bright light fixture to add colour and life to the space. Or, if you have a nook with a window, add some plush seating such as a small couch or day bed and pillows, and you have a cozy reading nook.

Long and Narrow Hallway

furnishing awkward spacesPhoto Source: domino

If you’re struggling with how to decorate your narrow hallway, the first mistake to avoid is adding furniture. When there is minimal floor space, taking up more with chairs or tables only makes the hallway feel tighter. Focus on wall space, choose paint colours that are bright and colourful and hang wall art. A long beautiful rug can also help add character and draw attention to the length of the space and away from the narrowness.

Under The Stairs

furnishing awkward spacesPhoto Source: Don Gardner

Tucked away and often forgotten, the space under your stairs is an amazing spot for storage solutions. If it’s feasible, a custom built-in makes it look clean and clears up some of the clutter in your home. Another option for pet owners, is to create a little personal space for your furry friend. Equipped with their bed, food and water bowls and all their toys and treats, it’s a pet’s paradise.

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