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Make outdoor entertaining extend into the fall with these backyard ideas

Cooler and darker nights are upon us, but the weather isn’t frigid outside. Who says you have to bring those late nights entertaining indoors? Instead, you and your guests can keep up with the fun outside. Visit a furniture and home accessories store to purchase these items for your backyard. Say goodbye to summer, but not to fall entertaining!

Patio heaters

Having a get-together on the weekend? Enjoy the outdoors and slightly cooler weather by purchasing an outdoor patio heater. It’s a great addition to any outdoor living space because it can provide the comfort you need to stay out once the sun’s down.

The heater you choose depends on the type of outdoor space you’re trying to heat and how you’ll be using it. If you have a small outdoor patio and are looking for a heater for a small get-together, a three-footer should suffice. If you have a rather large outdoor space and a backyard that will accommodate up to 25 people, you’ll want to look at a larger heater with a dome covering. These heaters will heat the space quickly and extend up to 200 feet.

Another deciding factor to consider? The type of fuel. There are so many different types of heaters on the market that require different fuels. Here’s an overview:

  • Butane. This gel can hold a flame for up to 8 hours and is placed directly inside the heater, so the fire is contained and offers plenty of external heat.
  • Propane. This fuel produces a hot flame, but structurally, the fuel is regulated by a valve that restricts its flow to prevent a dangerous flame.
  • Oil. Oil works just as well as the next fuel, but it can leave a mess inside the heater, so you’ll have to conduct routine maintenance on it.

No matter what patio heater you choose, it’s important to practice safety around them!

A patio heater can extend your outdoor entertaining plans.

A patio heater can extend your outdoor entertaining plans. Source: Lowes.

Ready to accessorize your outdoor space? Consult one of our furniture experts to gather what you need for your outdoor entertaining.

Fire pits

S’mores, anyone? A fire pit warms a space like a patio heater, but it functions on so many more levels. It’s a stylish addition to any outdoor living space, plus it provides a communal area for people to gather around while they’re outside.

Another great thing about fire pits – you have flexibility. Purchase a portable fire pit that you can move around the backyard based on its size and where the party is happening, or spend the big bucks to have one built right into the backyard.

If you’re purchasing a portable pit, make sure to place it at least 10 feet away from your home to prevent any accidents from happening. If you’re having one built into the yard, you’ll have to speak with a home inspector to ensure it’s not violating any codes and is safe to use in the location it’s being placed.

A source of warmth, and they're stylish!

A source of warmth, and they’re stylish!

Do you prefer a built-in fire pit? Use our directory to find a general contractor who can build one for your space. If you have plans to move in the next several years, you may want to consider purchasing a portable one to take with you when you move out. Frequent some furniture stores to find what you’re looking for.

Outdoor candles and torches

While entertaining your guests on a fall evening, why not create a warm and inviting atmosphere for them while showing off your fall garden? Bamboo torches that you place into the ground are a great addition to any outdoor living space; they enhance the backyard while giving you the light you need to move around the space. Not only that, but they’re easy to move around, so you can bring light anywhere in your yard.

Have a long patio table where your guests are gathering? Set the mood for the party by putting outdoor candles all around your space. Outdoor candles – like citronella – not only illuminate any space, but can help ward off those pesky mosquitos!

Outdoor lighting creates ambiance and safely illuminates your spaces.

Outdoor lighting creates ambiance and safely illuminates your spaces.

Don’t forget to use our directory to find a furniture store near you to stock up on these backyard accessories!

Decorative lanterns

Eating outside? Then you’ll need to see where everything is. Why not decorate your patio furniture with tabletop lanterns? It’s an easy and inexpensive way to illuminate your outdoor living spaces. It will provide a subtle glow, so you may want to have an electrician install lights around your home to keep you safe while maneuvering the plants holding dessert platters! Plus, it’s a great accent piece that you can move inside your home when the winter weather arrives.


Outdoor lighting is a great way to prologue outdoor entertaining. After all, if the weather is nice outside, why would you want to move indoors? With the right experts on your side, it’s easy to transform your outdoor living spaces into an illuminated one.

Visit our directory to find a home accessories and furniture store near your home. Here, you can buy an assortment of candles and lanterns to fill the space. If you’re need more than tabletop lighting, like flood lights, wall sconces and pool lighting, why not call an electrician? They’ll be able to plan out your space with the right lighting for outdoor entertaining.

Hurry before the winter weather comes!

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