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Garden Glitz with Metal

Metal landscape and garden decor creates a lovely counterpoint to the lush delicacy of plants and flowers. It can be sleek and sophisticated, like a stainless steel bench, or charming and rustic, like a wrought-iron weather vane. From little ornaments placed among the flowers to large trellises or sculptures used as focal points, metal garden art comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

At this year’s National Home Show and Canada Blooms in Toronto, glitzy garden metal was an obvious trend. From the purely decorative to the fun and functional, metal garden decor showed up virtually everywhere.  Here are a few easy ways to incorporate a little flash in your foliage this summer.

Pint-Sized Pizzazz: Metal Garden Ornaments and Lights

Miniature benches, wheelbarrows, and bicycles fashioned out of metal add a touch of whimsy to your garden or planter. Small enough to hold in one hand, these ornaments hint at the classic romance of well-kept English gardens but fit in just about any flower bed, box, or pot.

Metal animals like frogs, birds, and butterflies keep your garden looking lively round the clock. Life-sized or oversized, these critters are the perfect addition to an urban backyard or garden plot, bringing the feel of the country to the heart of the city.

Brass, copper, or wrought-iron lanterns and hurricane lamps bring a touch of the old-fashioned to your garden, yard, or patio. Place lights around the garden to showcase your plants after dark and create the perfect ambience for an evening outdoors. Lanterns can be set on tables, garden walls, and other flat surfaces. Or, they can be hung from trees and decorative metal hooks or stakes planted strategically throughout the landscape.

Dramatic Dazzle: Metal Garden Sculptures and Trellises

Make metal the focal point of your garden with a wrought-iron trellis or large metal sculpture. The options are virtually endless. Not only are there numerous metals, but artists can forge these metals into just about any shape, from realistic leaves and flowers to abstract shapes and swirls—and everything in between.

Metal can also take centre stage on a porch, patio, or balcony garden in the form of planter pots, hanging planters, and decorative metal hooks and shelves. Continue the look on your home’s facade with a metal mailbox, door handle, or knocker.

Functional Flash: Metal Garden Benches and Birdbaths

To take your metal garden accessories beyond decor, look for functional metal garden furniture like benches, chairs, birdbaths, and stakes. You might even consider two-in-one function, like a metal bench that flips over to become a kneeler for weeding or planting. The bench seat becomes a comfortable place to kneel, while the legs provide leverage for easy rising. When you’re done working in the garden, flip the bench over and use it to sit and admire the fruits of your labour.

By Emily Dockrill-Jones

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