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Get Your Home Spring Ready with Colour

It’s halfway through February and a few weeks since Wiarton Willy emerged from the ground and did not see his shadow, indicating to Canadians across the country that spring is right around the corner. Why not roll out some new colour onto the walls and breathe fresh new life into our rooms before the spring season arrives?

Contrary to typical colour trend forecasting, it’s not any one hue that makes a room feel in season and cool, but rather it’s about the combination of colours that makes a truly fabulous space.

I love colour – after all, I am a visual art major – but it’s about the relationship between various hues that gets me excited when I’m planning a room.

Flip through the pages of your favourite shelter magazine or scroll through your top websites and pull out the spaces that speak to you. It may be a pop of yellow in a gorgeous traditional living room or a hot pink cabinet in a sexy bedroom, but now take a closer look at the colours that play a supporting role in these rooms. Without the right back up hues, the ‘pop’ just doesn’t pop.


Where do we go when searching for great combinations of colours that we want to use in a home? One of my go-to sources is fashion magazines and books. In fact, my own home’s complete colour palette was inspired by a Chanel runway show several years back. The palette of blue, grey, black, white and caramel resonated with me and fit the landscape surrounding my home. I knew instantly that this palette belonged in my space.interiordesigndecor

Creating the perfect palette for your home is knowing how to find that harmonious balance between ‘on trend’ colours, those you personally love, the nature and scenery around your home and the furniture and accessories you adore.

 Start refining your palette with a trip to the paint store armed with some professional designer advice. Firstly, snap a photo on your phone of the view outside your window and a close-up of every piece of furniture and art that is staying in the room. If you have a photo from a runway show that you love or even a designer ad from a fashion magazine, bring it along as well.

When you get to the paint store, select paint chips of colours that are inspired from the pictures on your phone. Match wood tones and fabrics with paint chips, match colours that are in a favourite piece of art, match colours from the designer ad and grab paint chips of all the colours you are naturally attracted to. Don’t be shy and don’t be too selective – just pick up paint chips (you can always return the ones you don’t use if you feel guilty about taking too many). Gather neutrals as well as deep rich hues and brights.

Now, bring this very large collection of paint chips home and we can begin the process of refining a perfect palette for your home. A home colour combo can be as large as seven to nine colours. Start to group colours together on a neutral background and see what speaks to you. Watch how the colours work during the day and into the evening.

This is how we create fabulous rooms with beautiful colour palettes – and get your home ready for the spring season.

Need some interior design and decor inspiration? We can put you in touch with the experts who will solve your interior design and colour coordinating dilemmas.

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