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Get your media room game day ready!

With the Super Bowl a week behind us now and the NBA All-Star game taking place this weekend, if you or someone in your home loves sports, then chances are good that you’ve turned a critical eye on your media room. The question is, is your room an MVP or will it hand you a game day foul?

Whether your viewing space is a small living room, a basement family room or a dedicated home theatre, there are certain things you can do to ensure that it is inviting and comfortable. So, if you aren’t feeling confident about your media room’s ability to win the day, here is an assist (or a few) to take your home’s game ending shot from brick to 3-point victory!


There is nothing worse than being faced with a gathering of people and knowing that there won’t be enough space for everyone to sit comfortably. However, rather than grabbing a few dusty chairs from your storage room and maybe the worn office chair that your cat usually sleeps on, invest in some practical overflow seating. That means ottomans and benches that can be placed against a wall or tucked away most days and then brought out as extra seating when company comes over. Bonus: Many of these items offer additional storage.


Proper media room lighting ensures that everyone (aside from the reluctantly accompanying significant others hiding out in the kitchen) is able to see the game. This means putting sun-blocking window treatments in place and trading those 100-watt bulbs for something less harsh. Just keep in mind that this isn’t about making the room pitch black, but rather preventing glare from blocking the view of your favourite player’s shot.


Another important thing to consider when hosting a gathering in your home is that the more people you have in a room the lower the temperature should be. So, turn the thermostat down a notch and let the game be what gets everyone fired up.


In addition to the actual game itself, hosting a sports viewing party is about refreshments –that is, plenty of good food and drinks. The key is to keep the snacks in the same room as the TV. After all, you don’t want to miss the action over a craving for potato skins. Simply, clear off the coffee table and bring an accent table into the media room to create easily accessible snack satellites.

Most importantly, before game day arrives, take time to ensure that your media room provides a comfortable environment for your guests to socialize and enjoy themselves. That way, no matter which team happens to take the prize, you and your home will come out a winner!

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