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Getting Back to School Ready

It’s that time of year again, the kids are going back to school. The shift from summer back into a school schedule can be difficult. Here are some tips to ensure you and your kids have the smoothest transition possible.

Create a Homework Station

getting back to school ready
Photo Source: Design Improvised

A homework station is important in guaranteeing your children successfully complete their work. When creating a homework station for your child, ensure you pick a quiet space in your home that has ample lighting, and if possible, is tucked away from everything to minimize distractions. Start by ensuring there is lots of desk space and a comfortable chair, then create a homework cart, stocked with school supplies and bins to organize projects and notes.

Create a Command Centre

back to school ready
Photo Source: Happily Ever Mom

Commonly equipped with a calendar, white board and baskets for bills and mail, command centres are key for keeping organized and staying on track. If you and the kids are on different time schedules, they are also a great place to communicate by leaving them a message before you leave the house.

Sort Through What You Have

getting back to school ready
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Before beginning any back to school shopping, ensure you sort through what the kids have in terms of school supplies and clothes. After taking inventory of all their belongings decide what you need to buy, this will help you save money and help avoid creating clutter with too many clothes in your closet or markers in your craft bin.

Create a Lunch Station

getting back to school ready
Photo Source: Tasty Junior

Make your mornings stress free and easy with a lunch station in your fridge. All you need is a few small bins and some labels; prep meals and then divide them into lunch, snacks and drinks and place them into the bins. In the mornings all the kids have to do is fill their lunch box with an item from each bin and they’re on their way. This is a great way to not only ease morning stress, but also give your children more independence.

Get Back into Routine

getting back to school ready
Photo Source: Paul and Paula

With going back to school, comes the dreaded early-morning wake-up. Getting back into routine can be a difficult shift from a relaxed summer schedule. Create a smooth transition by slowly re-introducing a school morning routine and wake-up time a week in advance, this will make the first day back a breeze.

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