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Gift Wrapping Tips and Trends

Gift wrapping is no piece of cake and with the occasion to give gifts coming only a few times a year, it’s no surprise that many of us have little to no skill in this arena. In that spirit, we’ve enlisted the professional expertise of designer and gift-wrapping-guru, Nicholas Rosaci.

Gather Your Materials

What you’ll need: scissors, tape, a hot glue gun and glue, dollar store snowflakes, ribbons, wrapping paper

TIP: Our expert forecasts metallic, gold polka dots, black and white stripes, and black and white in general to be on-trend this holiday season.

Get Wrappin’!

After you’ve cut your paper to size, wrap your gift in one layer of paper, using tape to secure the two loose sides at the bottom. Prior to folding your two open ends in, use your scissors to trim some paper from the sides. TIP: Be sure to put these trimmed portions aside, as you can use them later to make up place cards for your dinner table. Next, tuck in both the open sides, performing a classic present fold, as seen above, using the table to ensure the paper is secure and your fold is tight, like a nice crisp shirt.


To take your package one step further, enlist the help of fun accessories! Use hot glue to fasten a decorative snowflake to the top of your package, using caution to only use a small amount of glue, to avoid mess or damage to the present. You can then use the eyelets in the snowflake to secure a ribbon to your present, sans any tape or glue.

As seen on the Marc & Mandy Show. Visit for more great holiday decorating tips.

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