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Give Your Garage Floor New Life

Your garage floor wants to be so much more, and you can make it happen. For the most part, no one thinks about their garage floor. This is especially true if you can’t see it!

That cold, gray slab inside your garage is probably the most ignored place inside or outside of your home. However, if you have plans to revamp your garage, whether to make it more functional for storage or to turn it into living space, you’re going to want to give that concrete slab some thought.

Not only can your remove the oil stains and cracks for that garage floor, but you can also upgrade its style game. All it really needs is a little TLC. Here are a few different things you can do to give your garage floor new life.

Clean It

First and foremost, take some time to give your garage floor a good cleaning. Clear out all of the clutter and either donate it, sell it, trash it, or store it elsewhere. Leave only the essentials like tools, yard care gear, sports equipment and outdoor toys. Everything else will probably be fine in a storage facility.

Once the clutter is gone, give your garage a thorough, corner-to-corner sweeping. This not only results in a nice clean garage, but it keeps your house clean too, since the dirt in the garage likely makes its way inside on your family’s feet.

Now that the surface dirt is gone, inspect your garage floor for any oil stains, pet urine stains, or ground in dirt. If you find them, there are several ways to take care of them, including degreasers, clay-based kitty litter, a combination of laundry soap and hot water, or even a pressure washer. Just remember to cover your garage’s drywall and any electrical outlets with plastic tarps prior to beginning the cleanup.

Repair It

Cracks, pitting and concrete spalling (aka when the concrete surface peels or flakes off) are all very common with garage floors. The floor contains natural contraction joints, concrete expands and contracts when the temperature fluctuates, and for most people, garages are heavy-use spaces.

Repairing a damaged garage floor is a task that can be done on your own. If you head out to your local home improvement store, you will find a number of different crack repair products. For garage floors, the experts suggest that you use a crack filler that is either epoxy or polyurethane based. You will see other crack repair products that are water-based or latex-based; however, many experts agree that these products are notorious for shrinking over time, and typically cannot be sanded or painted.

Once you have your filler you’ll need to break away any lose edges within the crack, using a hammer and chisel. This will allow for stronger adherence of your filler to the surrounding concrete. You’ll then need to clean away any dust and debris with a shop vac or small whisk broom. Next mix and apply your filler according to the instructions on the packaging.  Then scrape it smooth with a trowel. Let it cure, then sand it flush with the rest of the floor.

Of course, the easiest way to repair cracked garage floors is by hiring a professional to do it for you. Thankfully can connect you with qualified, local professionals in your area. Take a look!

Coat It

The best thing you can do for your garage floor (and for yourself, really) is to protect the bare concrete with a coating. This makes maintenance easier and also improves the appearance of the space.

Garage coatings are typically either made of epoxy or latex paint. Latex is the easiest and most affordable option. This specially formulated garage paint is excellent for covering stains and bringing new life to your garage without putting a strain on your budget.

Epoxy Coatings

There are three different types of epoxy coatings that can be used on garage floors: Two-part Epoxy, Two-Part Solvent-Based, and One-Part solvent based.  Two-Part epoxy which contains no solvents is considered the best option for durable, long-lasting floors. It creates a thick, beautiful surface that not only looks great, but also feels great under foot. Epoxy garage coatings can be applied on your own or through a company that specializes in garage floor applications.


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