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Glass Shower Enclosures – Building Considerations

Glass is one of the most elegant building materials, particularly for use in a bathroom. If you are planning to add a glass shower enclosure to your Thornhill home, you will be able to achieve a timeless, elegant look that still offers exceptional functionality. However, there are some things that you should know about the process before you get started.

Options Abound

One of the first things you will have to do is determine what form your enclosure will take. Many people choose to use framed glass enclosures – this will require that you purchase a kit. However, another option is to use glass blocks to build an enclosure around your shower. This can be an excellent option and can provide you with a durable shower solution that does not have the problems inherent with enclosures that use doors.

Plan Your Space

Before you build, you will need to plan your space effectively. This means that you will need to know the shape and size of your enclosure, as well as any specific features that you want to include, such as a built-in seat in the shower. If you are creating an enclosure from scratch using glass blocks, you will have to build your own seat using blocks and tiling. If you go the kit route, you can choose a kit that includes a seat – some even come with two seats if you prefer.

Know the Benefits

Building a shower enclosure can be a time consuming task if you are not sure what you’re doing. If you are replacing an existing shower, you will have the pluming in place already, which saves time and money. However, if you are doing a fresh installation, you will need to make sure that the pluming is in place before you do anything else (a professional plumber is probably the best option).

One of the benefits of using a glass shower kit is the fact that you don’t really have to do much other than put the pieces together, tighten the bolts and seal it against water leakage. If you are building your own enclosure from glass blocks, you will need to do much more. Building with glass blocks is similar to building with brick – you need to ensure that each block is properly seated and adhered to its neighbour (or the floor or wall). You also need to make sure that the entire thing is level and properly sealed against water leaking out.

Working with a kit is the simplest option, and you will even find one-piece shower enclosures of glass that can be delivered to your home. These require little more than installation and sealing. However, going the full construction route can also be rewarding, though you might find working with a professional is the best option.

Don’t have time to install one yourself? Contact a bathroom renovation professional.

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