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Going Green in 2017

Pantone, the world’s leading colour authority has named ‘Greenery’ the colour of the year!  Why is this important?  What does this mean to you?

Take a look around, we are surrounded by vivid colours – the blue of a clear sky, the bright red of a stop sign, the rich brown of your favourite chocolate bar or the fresh green of foliage.  If you wanted to paint your wall in one of these colours how would you know exactly what to get at the paint store? That’s where Pantone steps in with its renowned Pantone Matching System (PMS). How does it work?  Let’s take the top selling product in the world for example, Coca Cola. We all know that red label and it’s the same around the world – it’s Pantone 185.  That’s how manufacturers in Canada to Mexico to India know the formula to mix the right red for the label.

So when a worldwide authority on colour says Greenery (specifically, Pantone 15-0343) is the colour of 2017 everyone listens.

A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings or reinvention: a fresh New Year; healthier living, the outdoors and regeneration. So how can you add this fresh new hue to your home? Here are a few tips.


This green tone makes me think of one of my favourite foods avocado – specifically guacamole.  You may even remember this colour being in your Mother’s or Grandmother’s kitchen growing up as it was one of the biggest style trends for the 60’s and 70’s. Rather than have your appliances and furniture in this colour I would go for accessories.

Walmart has a checkered tablecloth from Home Trends for $15.97 or grab some Sallskap or Anvandbar tea towels from IKEA starting at $5.99 for 2.  You can even get some nice baking/serving dishes like the Lyckad set from IKEA $15.99.


The world we live in can be stressful and tiring.  This is where your family goes to relax and kickback.  Greenery is a great colour for creating a peaceful relaxing environment.

A fun shag rug in green can brighten up your room (Hampen, IKEA $49.99).  Add some throw pillows in different textures to keep the colour theme subtly throughout the room (Walmart suede cushion $12.97, Home Trends Chainstitch $16.97, Madame Butterfly $14.97). Or go for a big pop of colour with a new swivel chair Stockholm in sandbacka green (IKEA $349)


Create a feature wall in your dining room by using some stylish wallpaper with green accents like the Superfresco Luna wallpaper (Walmart $29.97) for a complete look finish the room with some luxurious looking silky window panels (Faux Silk Thermal Panels Sauge $22.97).


This little room is often overlooked but it’s easy to add a little of this year’s hottest colour.  A Toftbo bathroom mat (IKEA $12.99) with a Dramselva shower curtain (IKEA $12.99) and some Haren towels in green ($3.99) will have your bathroom on trend.


Greenery brings to mind revival, restoring and renewing.  It takes us to the calm forest where we can finally take a deep breath of fresh air.  It’s the optimal colour for a bedroom sanctuary.  The Palmlilja duvet set from IKEA ($59.99) in turquoise blends blues and greens together in a striped pattern.  If you prefer softer tones, the Rodved duvet set ($16.99) has a cute white and green pattern and is very affordable.

This fresh and tangy yellowy green shade is like the colour of spring buds and flourishing foliage. Greenery is colour of hope and revival – ideal for welcoming in 2017.

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