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Grass Free Landscaping Ideas

It’s time to get back into the outdoors and enjoy our beautiful backyards, but for some, unfortunately their backyards give them more stress than relaxation because of their lack of beauty and greenery. But if you’re one of these people, do not fear. There are so many ways to add beauty without using grass.

Concrete Pads and Retaining Walls

grass free landscaping
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Small and urban properties are perfect for creating hardscapes. Build a concrete pad in your backyard and spruce it up with planters, a chimney and patio furniture for a great grass-free option. If you have a larger backyard with a sloped property, consider livening up the area by adding a retaining wall and small side garden beds. By doing so, you’ll be adding natural features to your backyard without the hard work that is associated with a lawn.


grass free landscaping

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Mulch is a great option for people who desire the simplicity of a grass free backyard. Mulch is maintenance free, yet still gives the same natural allure that grass does. Along with suppressing weeds, mulch is great for people looking to do some planting. If you plant flowers or other shrubberies within your mulch they will grow well. The evaporation from the soil is slower so you don’t have to water as often and mulch also protects shallow-rooted plants in cold regions and coddles crops as the temperatures in the summer skyrocket. Mulch gives even the most basic landscape design a modern and sophisticated look.

Scattered Stones

grass free landscaping
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Using different sizes of stones in your backyard is a creative way to build a patio. To create a crisp and clean look, find stones that are the same texture and material but different sizes. You can choose to lay them down in no particular manner or strategically place them so they look like they would fit together but are separated by cement. If you’re doing the work yourself, be sure to lay down the stones first before you begin installation.

Artificial Turf

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Synthetic Grass Concepts

You may cringe at the thought of using artificial grass, or turf in your yard but artificial turf has come a long way in the last few years. With little maintenance, other than hosing it down on occasion, this option looks just as good as real grass without the stress and annoyance of having to mow it every week. Do your research before you make the decision and learn more about this option and what companies sell the best product.



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