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Great Kitchenware Gifts for Valentines Day

If it’s culinary-based offerings that fill your special someone’s heart with happiness, you’d better get cooking with some holiday appropriate presents. After all, home is where the heart is … and every home has a kitchen. From the quiet, meditative experience of baking on your own to cooking dinners together with your significant other, time spent in the kitchen is often a love-filled event. And while it’s true that many Valentine’s Day gifts come with fast-approaching expiration dates, Heart Day gifts for the kitchen will often last (and collect memories) for years to come. 


The classic Valentine’s Day gift always includes hearts, but your foodie friend probably already has a vast arsenal of heart-shaped accessories. So go for a less expected, thoughtful gift that is likely to become a permanent fixture of your sweetheart’s kitchen. A heart-shaped enameled cast iron casserole works for nearly everything, from baking a cake or making a casserole to keeping foods chilled. There’s nothing like giving a versatile this-does-everything-you-could-ever-imagine gift.

Shop By Colour

Remember, colour is a big contributor to Valentine’s Day, so if heart-shaped kitchenware is a bit too cutesy, choose special gifts based on hue. Take a quick look around your loved one’s kitchen to see what’s missing. For instance, if you’ve watched the recipient of your gift begrudgingly mixing up a recipe with a hand mixer, a red or pink stand mixer will become one very appreciated Valentine’s Day present.  Or what about a red espresso machine? Can you say romantic?

Salt Set

You might be under the impression that there are two types of salt: table salt and sea salt. However, when the foodie in your life casually mentions Himalayan pink salt, you realize there’s a whole world of salt out there. As in enough salt to comprise a salt set of exotic options. Your instincts may tell you to reach for the gift with the high sugar content but in this case, it’s the salt that sweetens the moment.

Sometimes a vase full of red roses is all it takes to show your significant other that you care, but when it comes to someone who spends countless hours in the kitchen, those flowers may not make quite the impression you were hoping for. It’s not every day you can wrap up a utensil and hand it to your sweetheart as a symbol of your love, but for that foodie of yours, it’s a recipe for complete satisfaction.

By Tarah Damask

Do you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift idea? Tell us about it in the space below!

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