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Green Energy Doors Open Sat. Oct. 5th

They’ve been going up all over Ontario.  It could be the solar panels on homes in your neighborhood, or the panels on a sun tracker in a farmer’s field or the wind turbine at the EX and those all along the 401 near Windsor; they’re popping up all over the place. While a wind turbine in your back yard will likely create issues with your neighbor, it is not too late to consider adding panels to your roof.  You may have heard it is too late; that the program is closed.  While the price being offered to new applicants has changed, the program, now in its 3rd version, is taking new applications until Dec 31, 2013.  If you’re the curious type, you’ve likely thought it would be interesting to get a close up look at some of these sites.  Saturday October 5th is your chance.

The fact is that many home owners, both urban and rural, have recognized that solar panels installed as part of the MicroFIT program is like having a tenant that pays on time but never comes knocking to have the toilet fixed or knocks a hole in the drywall; and is guaranteed to stay and keep paying for 20 years.

In the spirit of the “Doors Open” movement, some of these homeowners and other green energy sites are opening their door to the public; it’s called Green Energy Doors Open.  This will be your opportunity to check these sites out for yourself and ask all your related questions.

As one that has installed two 10 KW tracker based MicroFIT based systems and will be soon installing 40 KW as part of the FIT program, I’ll admit to being sold on the idea.  We’ve also incorporated solar into our home to heat our hot water, provide hot air and warm the home directly through large windows.  It’s just some of our ways of reducing our carbon footprint while reducing our home heating and energy costs.

Are we unique?  Not really.  Does your home have an unobstructed south facing roof?  Then you have an opportunity.

Green Energy Doors Open is your opportunity to check it all out.  Visit for info and site locations.

Thom Mills is host and producer of Green Home TV, a webcast and web resource featuring practical green building and energy solutions based on his own green building project.  The Green Home TV site will be participating in the Green Energy Doors Open event.  Find out more at

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