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Green Home Makeover Ribbon Cutting

We were thrilled to be invited to the Green Home Makeover Ribbon Cutting celebration and home tour!  The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), in partnership with the City of Brampton, the Region of Peel and sponsor suppliers unveiled the” greenest retrofit home in Brampton.” The city mayor, councillors and sponsor suppliers such as Sears, Reliance Home Comfort and GreenSaver, were all present to tell us about this fantastic and eco-friendly project.

The project was spearheaded by SNAP, the Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Action Plan, which is an innovative pilot program led by the TRCA in collaboration with regional, municipal and community partners. The program seeks to develop action plans to improve the local environment on a neighbourhood scale  and to build resiliency against climate change by greening local infrastructure and encouraging positive behavior changes among residents.

We were eager to listen to the representatives’ talk about future plans for the SNAP program and also about other community eco plans, such as Brampton’s bio-diesel fuel for buses and community clean-up programs.

After the speeches, the crowd eagerly pressed forward with their cameras ready to capture the ribbon cutting moment.

Cameras at the ready in Brampton

We are happy to say that we did capture that exciting moment!

Brampton Green home ribbon cutting

After the cutting we signed up for the very first tour of the Country Court SNAP home and we’re led by TRCA representative Cliff. It was a fantastic tour where we were led from “station to station” and had product and contractor experts explain the retrofit upgrades. The upgrades included triple glazed windows, spray foam insulation, Water Matrix’s 3 liter toilet and Reliance’s new HVAC system. We were especially interested in seeing the drain water heat recovery system, which absorbs heat from used hot water (from showers and dishwashers) and then transfers that heat to the incoming cold fresh water.

Reliance HVAC

Drain water heat recovery

We were also jealous of the low-energy appliances that Sears donated to the retrofit.

Stainless steel appliances

We were finally led outside to view the fusion garden, which is a low maintenance garden designed with native plants that require little watering. They also showed off the new rain barrel and explained how a downspout had been altered to have piping beneath the front yard and garden to water the plants. The piping has holes in it and is sheathed to keep out dirt and bugs.

Fusion garden

Rain barrel

After the fusion garden we were shown the brand new rain garden. This garden was dug out with a backhoe and is over a meter deep. It is designed to absorb rain runoff from the roof and yard to prevent it from entering the sewer drains. The plants are also native and able to take variable amounts of water.

rain garden

Our very last station (before we went to the cupcake and cake station) was the driveway itself. The driveway is permeable, this means that water soaks through the stone and into the earth beneath it instead of spilling into the drains. The stone material beneath it is about 30 cm thick.

permeable driveway

The TRCA is holding a neighbourhood street party and open house this Saturday in honor of the completion of the retrofit home and we wish them all a fantastic time this weekend!

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