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Green Solutions to Prevent Laundry Pollution

Chemists have become very skilled at mixing petrochemicals with a variety of other chemicals (most harming our health and our world) to create what consumers know as laundry products. From detergents to dryer sheets, those without green labeling are causing more harm than good to our environment.

Thanks to education and the will to create change, alternative solutions are available for chemical-free and clean living, without the risk of harming your health.

EiEiHome spoke with Active Clean Air about The PureWash system introduced in Canada. They advocate this as one of the safest and cost-effective ways to go green when doing your laundry.

With the use of oxygen and hydroxyls, infused in the water through the PureWash, this system allows for clothing to be cleaned better than detergents with the use of only cold water. This allows users to eliminate laundry product completely, preventing health and environmental damage and decreasing energy consumption.

Using only cold water, the drying time is decreased in the drying cycle, thereby reducing your overall carbon footprint. The system has been tested for 5000 loads of laundry giving the user ample usage before the need of a replacement.


Of course, you can find all kinds of recipes online for “make-it-yourself” laundry soaps and learn about healthier living choices from activists like David Suzuki. An advantage to making homemade products is that you will have the knowledge about ingredients and the control over what you choose to use.  You can now find many green-based, concentrated detergents and ingredients that can be purchased at most hardware and specialty stores with environmentally friendly products.

Eco friendly green solutions and detergents usually claim: fragrance free; clear of dyes and brighteners; environmentally friendly; kind to those with allergies and sensitivities; no artificial fragrances; contains no phosphate, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, SLS, DEA, EPA etc.

These detergents are highly concentrated and the smaller packaging minimizes the carbon footprint of industry. These eco friendly solutions can also help you and your family limit your carbon footprint with each purchase and further, with each time you do your laundry.

Editor, Dawn Boshcoff

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