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Has Canada always embraced hygge?

As we make our way into the cozy seasons of fall and winter, designing one’s home with hygge in mind has once again made its way to conversations nationwide. Pronounced “hoo-gah”, this Scandinavian concept of coziness and enjoying life’s simpler things has been sweeping its way through North America for the past several years. However, ask any Canadian and they’ll tell you that a Canadian version of hygge has always existed.

Simple things like thawing out with friends in front of the fireplace after an afternoon of skiing or skating, a winter kitchen party where the music is as warming as the chowder bubbling on the stove, and hiding away in bed with a good book on a blustery day …these are all scenes of the simply comforting Canadian way of living. Our homes reflect this; always have, always will. Even as where and how we live as Canadians continues to change, we will continue to hold fast to our version of hygge.

Canadian Hygge Essentials

When you think of what Canadian hygge might look like in terms of home décor, it’s likely that it will include some of the Scandinavian style one generally pictures when hygge is in mind. However, from sea to sea, Canadian comfort has its own unique look and feel.

Cozy Textiles

Canadian hygge

Source: Unsplash

Whether you live in Dartmouth, Drayton, or Dawsons Creek there’s a good chance that you enjoy the feel of soft and cozy textiles when the weather grows colder. Flannels, waffle knit, faux fur fisherman’s sweaters all speak both of Canadiana and our love of snuggly warmth.  Throw blankets, pillows and bedding, slippers, socks, and other snuggly gear are all essentials for cozy winter days and nights around the house.

Cracking Fireplace

Canadian hygge

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Whether wood-burning or gas, the fireplace plays a big part in the Canadian hygge experience. It’s about the warmth and atmosphere the fireplace brings. Plus, for many families and friends, the simple act of gathering to roast marshmallows, chestnuts or other delights is seen as a cherished winter tradition.

Comfy Couches

Canadian hygge

Source: Pexels

There’s nothing like sinking into a deep, sumptuous couch on a chilly winter’s day, buried under blankets with a warm mug cradled in your hands. At these times, boxy, uninviting, “perching” couches are not the way to go. The Canadian hygge experience is casual, inviting, and cozy. That means a couch that feels like an embrace and is the best place to live you. Just ask Loonette.

Gathering Kitchens

Source: Unsplash

canadian hygge

Source: Unsplash

If hygge speaks to a coziness of the soul, then one cannot speak of a Canadian version of hygge without mentioning the importance of the kitchen. So many comforting moments take place in Canadian kitchens, especially in wintertime. This makes it especially important to have a kitchen that’s large enough for people to gather in. Think about gathering for cards, board games or dominoes with friends, Maritime kitchen parties filled with music and food, or simply chatting with friends at the table.

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