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Outdoor rooms: why your backyard needs one

With boomers downsizing and millennials buying into the housing market, the competition for homes in specific areas has created pockets of higher pricing. With so much competition, buyers are settling for houses that don’t meet all of their needs because its all they can afford. Consider building an outdoor room with the help of a home addition renovator.

This concept of the outdoor room has been very popular for years. When the cooler, winter weather arrives, homeowners have yet another space in their home to use – one that they can utilize throughout the year.

Here’s why you should consider building a home addition with the help of a home renovator:

  • Historically, it makes the initial cost investment easier to justify;
  • This is really changing in Canada. We are seeing more and more Canadians spending money in their backyards to create outdoor extensions of their homes.

If you are considering building an outdoor room, check out Carson’s advice:

Here are the basic requirements to creating an outdoor room in your own backyard:

Usable Space

Having a level surface is probably the single most important factor for an outdoor room. Whether you go with a patio or a deck, creating a space that is large enough for furniture, barbecues, family and friends has always been the challenge for most homeowners.

How big and what material to use really dictates the design of your backyard. According to Renovation Magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value report, adding a wood deck to your backyard is one of the top smart investments in your home with a return of over 80%.



Creating privacy for an outdoor room is harder than ever with bigger homes being built on smaller lots. The view that your neighbours have into your backyard really impacts the comfort level in your own space.

You can create privacy for your outdoor room by adding walls and visual distractions between the areas that you need it and the neighbours. Don’t rely on the fence on the property line and the tree at the back to do all the work. Adding panels and details around the sides of the outdoor room work like interior walls. They easily add the privacy, but make them functional as well with built in benches and shelves.



Putting up an umbrella just doesn’t cut it for outdoor rooms today. With wood pergolas and all season gazebos, shelter from the sun and the rain is a must for extending your outdoor enjoyment. Even permanent structures complete with eaves are appearing in Canadian backyards. These are perfect for protecting from the elements including the heavy snow loads like we are now recovering from.

conservatory tables chairs plants room in house next to garden

Every renovation we make to our homes not only has to meet our needs as homeowners, it should also increase the home’s value. This idea of return-on-investment (ROI) has arguably become the most important factor influencing how we spend our renovation budgets. If you can create a home that works for your family – and at the same time know that it’s the type of home a future buyer wants – then it’s a win-win in my books!


Are you ready to make your home bigger and more functional? We recommend you consult one of our home addition renovators for advice! Scroll through customer reviews and image galleries to get an idea of what kind of work they do. Not only that, but they’ll transform your home into your dream home with an outdoor room.

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