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High Impact Wall Trends

One of the most powerful ways to change up the look of your space — particularly when you’re focused on moving toward on-trend décor — is simply to paint your walls. While recent years have seen a mix of toned down hues and bold, saturated colour, 2013 is all about the high-impact.

Colour is certainly a major component, but it’s time to open your mind’s design centre up to a whole new world of options. Colour is only one of a variety of exciting ways to achieve the high-impact walls you will see in this year’s design blogs and magazines.

High-Gloss Walls

What to choose? Matte walls? Eggshell? When you’re looking for something that’s all shiny and new, high-gloss walls are certainly it. The polished, streamlined appearance of a reflective coat of paint adds an instant facelift to any space. However, if you’re concerned a room full of shining walls may be a little too much for your delicate eyes, consider painting your ceiling or just an accent wall with the high-gloss paint for a touch of this on-trend style.

Bright Colour

In 2013 it’s time to pull out all the stops and go for some truly bright, interesting hues that you might not usually consider slapping over your walls. For a space full of cool tones and a Mediterranean feel, Pantone’s 2013 Monaco Blue is a deep, cobalt-inspired hue. For a less nautical look, move toward fuchsias and plums or bright violet. Add in a saturated olive accent wall for contrast. Or work your way toward the extremely warm side of the spectrum with fiery reds, tangerine, vivid yellow or a light, vibrant pumpkin.

Graphic Wallpaper

Skip the soft, quiet prints or the barely-there textured wallpapers. 2013 is all about going big and bright, so if you’re taking the plunge and putting up wallpaper, indulge in a print that would typically cause you to shy away. Your motto for this year’s home décor: Go graphic or go home! Consider multi-coloured, bold florals or simple, two-toned art-deco inspired designs. Remember, you can still play around with neutrals as long as the pattern speaks for itself.

Bold Backgrounds

You love the idea of bright colours and in-your-face patterns, but covering every single wall in such extreme materials is giving you a headache and the wallpaper isn’t even up yet! Like an intense piece of artwork that makes a statement regardless of its small size, applying one of 2013’s trends to your space doesn’t mean you have to go floor to ceiling for a solid visual effect. Instead, single out a particular area that will create pleasing visual appeal. For instance, paint the back interior portions of a built-in with a bright colour while leaving the rest of the room neutral. Or, cover a series of large canvases with a bold, graphic wallpaper and hang them as art. You’ll achieve the look you want without the commitment and potential visual overload.
The colour and pattern on the walls are the first thing you notice when you wake up in the morning and when you walk into a room, so take advantage of 2013’s vibrant wall trends for a space that truly speaks to your unique personality.

By Tarah Damask

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