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Hiring a Cleaning Service: Something for everyone!

Despite the chill in the air outside, spring cleaning season truly is upon us. With the prospect of some pretty serious mopping and scrubbing, decluttering and reorganizing taking over the next weekend or two, the thought of how nice it would be to just hire a cleaning service has definitely crossed a lot of people’s  minds. In fact maid service probably tops many a homeowner’s wish list.

What many people don’t realize is that hiring a cleaning service is actually quite affordable. Since, you can choose your cleaning schedule –anything from one-time service to monthly, bi-weekly and weekly, you can opt for whatever suits your budget best.

Who Uses a Cleaning Service?

There is no arguing with the fact that life is getting busier. After working all week, shuttling the kids to and from school, activities and sports, running errands and everything else that we’ve jam-packed into our days, the last thing most of us want to spend time on is housecleaning.  So, for some households, hiring a cleaning service is a weekly lifesaver that allows them to spend more time with the family.

Hiring a professional cleaning service is also beneficial:

  • Before and after a party
  • During the holidays
  • Prior to a visit from family
  • When moving in or moving out of a home
  • After bringing home a new baby
  • Post construction or renovation

For most people who make use of professional cleaners, the day-to-day cleaning continues to be performed by the household. That being dishes, laundry and general tidying up. Then the cleaning service comes in to help with deep cleaning tasks. However, what you may or may not choose to enlist a cleaner’s help with is up to you.

Available Services

The available services will depend upon each individual cleaning company. Most cleaners will offer basic cleaning services for the whole home, including the kitchen and bathrooms. These tasks include surface scrubbing (such as kitchen and bathroom counters), vacuuming, dusting, general tidying up and trash removal.

In addition to those tasks, special services are also available from most companies. These tasks will include more in-depth cleaning such as cleaning inside of ovens and refrigerators, laundry and ironing, closet organization and cleaning, washing baseboards, walls, wood trims and other such tasks.

Some housekeeping service will offer things such as meal prep, grocery shopping and packing services, but this is where the difference between housecleaning and housekeeping can be seen, and it is certainly not the norm.

What to look for when hiring house cleaners?

Remember, when hiring a cleaning service you will be allowing someone into your home. So whether you plan to stick around while they clean or would rather be away at the time, first and foremost you need to ensure that your cleaning service is reputable.  This means working with a company that conducts full background checks on their cleaners and is fully insured.

You also want to look for a service that provides the tasks you need. As stated earlier, there can be considerable differences between housecleaning services and housekeeping services. Perhaps you do need someone to help out with meal prep. If that’s the case, be advised that house cleaning services do not do this. In that case, what you need is a housekeeping service, and even then their provided services will vary.

Frequency of service is also an important detail to look out for once you’ve decided whether you require onetime service or something more regular.

Above all else, do your homework. View our house cleaning services listings here on eieihome, visit each cleaner’s website and don’t forget to ask around.

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