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Hiring the Right Contractors for the Job

Ready for your long-anticipated home remodel project but unsure of what type of contractor can make your remodeling dreams a reality? This handy guide will get you started finding the best professionals for your home improvement job.

General Contractor working with a homeowner


Types of Home Improvement Contractors

Two main types of contractors exist. General contractors are trained in construction and may be able to complete the tasks associated with your remodeling job, but their focus is on hiring and managing specialists such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians. Such specialists comprise the second category of contractors known as subcontractors.

Whether you need a general contractor to handle your subcontractors will depend on the complexity of your remodeling project.

Those renovations that require multiple subcontractors are often best overseen by a general contractor, unless you have the time and expertise to manage the various subcontractors yourself. Depending on your experience, it may also be possible for you to do the work of some of the subcontractors — for instance, the painting.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Subcontractors required to complete a kitchen or bath remodel include carpenters and drywall hangers who move and construct walls, flooring contractors specializing in various materials such as tile, wood and natural stone, electricians skilled in wiring for lighting and appliances and plumbers who coordinate piping and the installation of sinks, toilets, showers and bathtubs.

Room Addition

In addition to necessitating a variety of subcontractors such as a carpenter, floor installer, painter, electrician, and in some instances a plumber, a room addition usually requires the services of an architect. Such an individual will create a detailed building plan that takes into account important structural integrity factors. To make sure that the architect’s plans are correctly implemented by the various subcontractors, a general contractor is often needed.

Landscape Improvement

A landscape contractor is required to oversee the installation of a new landscape, especially when the improvements involve hardscape items like pools, outdoor kitchens and retaining walls. Such an individual possesses the necessary skills to grade outdoor areas, build landscape structures and plant vegetation.

Exterior Painting/Siding

In order to obtain a high-quality painting or siding job, you’ll need painting and siding contractors well-versed in improving and preserving the exterior of your home. Such specialists know the correct materials required to maintain the home’s exterior and can consult with you on a variety of aspects, including the longevity of siding products and paint color choices.


The roof is a main protective component of your home, and for that reason it’s important to engage the services of a qualified roofing contractor, such as Anax Roofing, who has the expertise to correctly install a new roof or fix an existing one.

Contractor Hiring Tips

Hiring the right contractor for your home remodeling job requires careful screening. Protect your home by making sure that the contractor is licensed and insured and check his references. Go to see the contractor’s work, if possible.

During the interview process, ask the contractor how he plans to approach your particular project. It’s important that you feel as if he understands your needs and desires and can create an ideal plan for your remodel. Obtain a detailed written contract from the contractor, which will keep the project on course and ensure that you stay within budget.

By Julie Bawden-Davis

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