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Home additions are on the rise & this renovator’s doing it right

Home additions are a rising trend among homeowners. Instead of moving, homeowners are opting to stay in their homes and increase both comfort and space through renovations. Jay McDonald, owner of Elite Construction and Renovations, shares with us his expertise on a growing renovation trend.

All about Elite Construction and Renovations

McDonald isn’t new to the construction business. Before opening his own company a decade ago, he worked as a project manager for a construction company responsible for commercial projects. This inspired him to venture into a business of his own, along with a friend who worked as a chef!

“I started with small projects, doing decks, windows and doors,” he said. Overtime, the company transformed and began constructing home additions and continued to evolve into building custom homes, says McDonald.

People gradually started asking us to take on bigger projects. I didn’t have the experience or the education to take on those projects,” he admits.

McDonald enrolled in a construction management course at George Brown College.

“I took some building code courses and slowly and carefully developed the business to take on bigger and bigger projects,” he says.

McDonald is now the Director of the business with a staff of 16 people. He works with an army of sub-contractors whom he’s been able to develop loyal relationships with.

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Why clients are opting for home additions

While Elite Construction and Renovations is a full-service construction company, offering services for home renovations, building custom homes and more, McDonald says he receives calls on a daily basis from homeowners requesting quotes for a home addition.

Most clients are growing families with kids who are looking to move into bigger homes to accommodate them, but with a $400,000 price jump from their current home to a 3-bedroom, 2-storey detached, it’s an expensive move, he says.

“Instead, why don’t we take an existing bungalow and put $300,000 into it?” he says, adding it’s a suggestion that pleases clients. They often say: “We love the school our kids are in, we are used to going to the local grocery store, we love the park and all of our kids have friends here. We want to stay,” McDonald recalls. “People are sold on the concept of renovation and staying before I ever show up.”

All McDonald has to do is listen to what they would like to see and provide an estimate of how much the project will cost. After those details are sorted out, it’s time to turn that dream project into a reality.

“We set up a meeting for Stephanie, our lead designer, to talk to them and figure out what they want to do,” he says, adding together, they develop concept plans, price points and prepare to renovate.

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Dollars and Cents

The average price for a home addition is anywhere between $150,000 and $200,000. This is an estimate that’s based on a multitude of factors, including size, scope of work and materials. A home addition will add value to a home, says McDonald.

“A lot of people are more concerned about the value of the home,” he says. “When they’re done doing the renovations, they will be able to stay in that house for the next 10 years. 10 years from now, the value will be there.”

Elite takes care of its clients

Any home renovation requires permits, materials, equipment and the list goes on. It’s not the client’s responsibility to gather said materials, says McDonald.

“You have a small family, have two toddlers and the idea of spending the weekend running around between Home Depot, Lowes and Rona is a little scary,” he says. “Why not have a company that will eliminate all that nonsense and headache for you?”

Elite will bring all options to the client, which makes the renovation project that much smoother.

Elite is dedicated to providing clients with quality home renovation services, no matter how big or small the project is. That’s why McDonald emphasizes the importance of the design-build process. No client would want a construction company to stop halfway through the project to ask questions that should have been dealt with beforehand, he says.

Any construction company can build a home addition, but with the proper processes in place – from design to build – that’s where the success happens.

“The difference is how organized and how many details you can capture before a shovel goes in the ground,” says McDonald. “Those are the people that are going to be successful and have client referrals.”

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Do you feel like your family is outgrowing your current home? Consider having a home addition built. It’ll take the headache out of moving, will increase the value of your home and allow you to live comfortably where you are. Elite Construction and Renovations will make it a smooth process for you and your family. Scroll through their profile on our website for a beautiful image gallery. get inspired by their work and start dreaming of your very own home addition.

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