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Why move? Renovate your current home with a home addition to make it work for you

Finding the perfect home to accommodate your family and lifestyle is difficult. Is it possible for one house to have everything you want in the same neighbourhood you’ve lived in for decades? Vazken Nakhnikian of Dupont Custom Homes can build a home addition to ensure your current home offers everything you need.

Why consider a home addition as opposed to moving

A home addition is simply renovating your home to add the space or features you need to live in your home and avoid the hassle of moving.

Vazken says this is a common renovation project that families undergo for many reasons.

“You have already spent money on the property, maybe you like the area and the neighbourhood,” he says, adding you may not find the exact home you’re looking for within the same area. “You can modify the house and keep staying in the same place versus moving into another home that’s new.”

Need more spacious bathrooms in your home? A home addition can accomplish that.

Need more spacious bathrooms in your home? A home addition can accomplish that.

Home additions can transform your home into a new one

Vazken is working on a project for the month of November. The home addition enables the family to stay in the home they love. The interior of their home has already been renovated and invested in. The home addition itself will offer a modern, brand new look, giving the homeowners the feeling like they’ve moved into a brand new space.

“It’s a costly investment, but keeps the homeowners in the same neighbourhood,” says Vazken. “A renovation addition is the simplified version of having a new house.”

Home additions offer a great ROI

When it comes to home modifications, homeowners want to know they’re making an investment that will pay off in the future.

Vazken says a home with a home addition that’s ready to move into with up-to-date technology and upgrades is a high selling feature.

Now this looks like a home someone would want to move into!

Now this looks like a home someone would want to move into!

It’s an investment

Most homeowners have a budget they must stick to when it comes to any home renovations. Home additions specifically can cost up to $200,000 depending on the size of the house, says Vazken, adding this price tag will result in major changes to the house.

“We’re starting on a project next month and the average estimated cost of the required renovation is about $170,000 with complete interior renewal, baseboards, washrooms, a kitchen and bedroom,” he says.

Your lifestyle will dictate what you need in your home

Designing a plan for a home addition is an easy process, for the reason a homeowner is considering moving or building a home addition in the first place drives their concerns.

“In my experience, most homeowners who want to renovate already came to the conclusion they need a renovation,” he says. “They already have an idea of what changes they want to make.”

Dupont Custom Homes will work with homeowners along the way to maximize allowable zoning requirements.

Home additions mean you can build unique features in your new spaces!

Home additions mean you can build unique features in your new spaces!

Your home is a big investment; treat it that way

As we previously mentioned, home additions are a great way to reinvest your money into your home as opposed to entering the real estate market to find one home that satisfies all your needs or requirements.

“Investing in a home is a big investment regardless of the amount of money,” says Vazken. “It’s their residence, it’s their home.”

That’s why Vazken recommends homeowners hire the right contractor who has the knowledge, expertise and experience to lead the project with minimal issues along the way.

“It’s important to research and hire a proper general contractor to do the job,” he says.

Vazken once took over a home renovation project and spent a full month fixing the mistakes made by a contractor.

“I strongly recommend that homeowners, if they’re not familiar with construction, don’t undertake the responsibility and let someone who knows what they’re doing do it.”

The contractor you hire should be able to oversee the entire project. After all, it’s their job.

Dupont Custom Homes has been in the construction industry for almost 10 years, providing clients with custom built homes, home additions and major renovations that are built to the highest standard of quality.

Find out how this contractor can transform your home without uprooting your family from one home to another. Visit their profile on our website to read more about the company!

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