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Last week we got to chatting about first impressions and feng shui ( the ancient art of placement). If you’re looking to improve the fend shui of your home be sure to find an interior designer or decorator on the eieihome directory.

How do the two conversations take place simultaneously? Actually, the point is this: Your home decor and the energy it gives have a very strong influence on what goes on in your life. You might say hogwash, but from more than 20 years of personal experience with interior design and feng shui I have seen the proof time and time again.

Even my husband has become a converted believer after having seen the changes in life and circumstances for us and my clients when we pay attention to and respect the energies of our homes.

Your project this weekend is to take an objective look at the energy and first impression your home decor gives. It is about you, it’s your home, you need to love what you see and to be calmed, motivated, stimulated and consoled by it. I understand it’s hard to be objective and you are welcome to solicited advice from a friend if you have gone blind to clutter or design.

Let’s start with clutter — decluttering is the number one task to tackle when it comes to ensuring that your home radiates with good energies. You cannot find peace or motivation if you have to come home to a disorganized and clutter-filled room. Tackle this first — organize and get rid of unnecessary items and things that you don’t adore.

Now, bring in colours that you love and make you smile. Add wonderful textures on walls and floors and select meaningful pieces of art and accessories to warm and add personality to the space.

It’s imperative that you fill the appropriate spaces with the objects, colours and textures of the energy you are trying to attract. For example, if you have a crazy life at the office and want to come home to peace and solace, then colour your room with calm-inducing hues such as blue and green. Add objects that help bring you a sense of calm, such as scented candles, special mementos from trips or even photos of places that you perceive to be restful or objects which symbolize peace and rejuvenation to you.

Another example of a desired energy could be to attract love. If love and the desire for romance is your objective, then ensure that your bedroom is designed with lots of pairs, art that reflects a couple and love, sensual textures and an aesthetic that is nether too masculine nor too feminine.

Be objective and analyze your home room by room. Ask yourself what energy, what message does this space send. If it’s not filling you with the desired energy then let’s get to work and change it up.

You can turn a dream or a desire into reality simply by creating an energy for it at home, let your rooms talk to you and help you achieve your goals. Now that’s fabulous living! Sometimes we need the help of a professional to get the process going and eieihome makes the process easier with our interior designers & decorators directory to help you find a professional, read their reviews and make the right choice for you!

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