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Home Decor | Getting ready for baby

Dear Marc,

I love watching you on the Marc & Mandy Show and I am hoping you can help me with my own home decor dilemma. I have three little boys and I am excepting my first little girl any day now. My husband has graciously agreed to give up his man cave in the basement to create a nursery because it is across the hall from the master bedroom.

Find out how Marc helps Lisa in preparing their home for a new arrival.


Lisa continues…We have completed the renovations and once the carpet goes in this weekend, we are ready to paint and decorate. After living in a house full of boys for the last 10 years, I am excited to decorate this space for my little girl but I’m not sure where to start. I’d love to hear your ideas for this space along with any tips you might be able to share to help me create a room that doesn’t feel like it’s in a basement. – Lisa


Dear Lisa,

Congratulations first of all! Two years ago I had the privilege of helping my sister prepare her nursery for her first baby girl and I discovered that decorating for little girls can be so much fun. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin picking out colours and accessories for your nursery.


Because your nursery is located in the basement, keep the colour scheme light to help brighten up the room. When choosing a colour for a girl’s room, most people will automatically look to pinks and purples. I am going to suggest going a different direction and painting the room a pale blue (Talcum by General Paint) with a soft white (Arctic Circle by General Paint) for the trim and furniture.  In this setting, the pale blue acts as a backdrop that can be paired with soft pinks to create a calm, soothing space. Later, as the little one grows, the colour will easily pair with more grown-up colours depending on what her preference is at that time. This makes it easier for the space to grow with her and saves you from having to repaint. Plus, with three older boys in the house, blue is a much more flexible colour choice. Should you need to swap rooms in the future, the room can easily be converted to a boys room as well.

Tip: Paint your existing dark wood nursery furniture with the same soft white colour you used for the trim. White furniture will help lighten up the room and give it a softer, more feminine feel.

Area Rug

I suggest that you invest in an area rug for the nursery. Even with carpeting, a concrete basement floor is still very hard. Adding an area rug will provide a soft landing area when baby is learning to crawl and walk. An area rug will also protect the carpet below from spills and spit ups so that you don’t have replace the carpet after the “baby years”.


Choose a bedding set that incorporates blue with other more feminine colours. This beautiful bedding set is white and pink but it also includes touches of blue that create a unified look between the bedding and the wall colours.


Accessories are the perfect place to pull the baby girl’s colours throughout the room. I always suggest to new moms that they look for pieces they will love. You are decorating the room for a baby girl but mom will spend many hours in this room over the coming months. Choosing artwork and accessories that you love will create a space that mom and baby will both enjoy. A typography print in shades of pink is a great choice for a nursery.  It embraces the ABCs that are common in nurseries but in a way that is still elegant and sophisticated enough for mom to enjoy as well.

home decor accessory pink letters poster.

Accessories are the perfect place to pull colours throughout the room.

Lighting is also important. Bright overhead lighting is important for tasks like changing diapers and playtime but you also want to be able to create softer lighting for late evening rocking sessions. A table lamp is the perfect answer. Choose a quality table lamp that can grow with your baby. A table lamp with classic lines and neutral colours can be dressed up with a pretty pink shade. Simply replace the shade down the line and the lamp can work with any colour scheme either in this same room or in another room in the house.

home decor accessory pink gold lamp

To create softer lighting for late evening rocking sessions, a table lamp is the perfect answer.

Disposable accessories are another great way to add colour to the room. One great example: tissue boxes! A pretty designer tissue box from Scotties is an inexpensive way to add to your decor scheme while creating a unified look for the room.

These tips can also help improve the decor of your existing spaces and not just a nursery. Once you get started, you may need some help from a professional and eieihome makes it a simple and convenient process. Use our interior designers & decorators directory to find the right professional for your job.

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