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Home Maintenance by the Season

Maintaining your home is important. Home maintenance ensures that the physical structure of your home is sound, that your major systems are operating correctly and much more. To ensure that your home is always in the best shape for the threats posed during different seasons, you need to follow a seasonal home maintenance schedule. What should that schedule consist of, though?


Spring is a time for cleaning and preparing for warmer weather. You should take care of things like replacing the filter on your furnace, as well as cleaning the hood and air filter in your kitchen. Make sure your fire extinguishers are charged and ready, and clean out the dryer exhaust vent. The water heater should be checked for operational and potential problems, and any concrete repair work should be done now, as well.


There are fewer things to do during the summer, but there are still some important items on the home maintenance list. Make sure that your deck or patio is in good condition, and double check your exterior siding for damage or mould growth. Check for water leaks throughout your home and double check your windows for leaks, as well as for working locks. Have your roof inspected by a professional during the summer, as well.


Fall is another season of preparation. You should double check caulking around windows and doors to ensure it is in good condition. You should also check your chimney for obstructions like bird nests. Replace your furnace/AC system’s filter and check your water pipes for insulation. If they are not insulated, wrap them now to prevent freezing in the winter. Have your furnace inspected by a professional. Check your door and window locks for operation, too.


Winter home maintenance is all about weatherproofing your home. You’ll need to make sure your storm windows are installed now, and you will also need to insulate (or check) your attic and crawlspaces. Board up any attic vents leading to the outside, as well as any open eaves. Clean your dryer vent line, and make sure that you clean your kitchen hood and air filter. Clean your gutters and downspouts as well.

Home Maintenance by the Season

This is a basic list of home maintenance throughout the year. Your home might have other considerations, as well, depending on construction techniques, usage and other considerations. Regardless, maintaining your home seasonally is the best way to prevent accidents, higher costs and even disasters from happening.

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