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Your home needs to breathe

There was a time when getting up in the morning and opening the windows was standard practice for most households. However, these days it isn’t unusual to find someone who says that they never open their windows, whether it’s hot or cold outside.

For allergy sufferers, keeping the windows closed is a way to cut down on symptoms. While others may simply keep windows closed due to the convenience of perfectly climate-controlled indoor environments.

If allergies aren’t an issue, it really is a good idea to open your doors and windows as often as possible. It’s good for the overall environment of your home, your health and also your finances. Here are a few reasons why it pays to open your windows and let some air in every now and again.

Save on Energy

One of the biggest reasons to opt for wind power to beat the heat and keep your home more comfortable is because it saves money. The more you rely on open windows to cool your home, the less money you have to spend on air conditioning. Of course, if it’s a scorching, breeze-less day, then having the windows open may actually work against you. If the temperature outside is scorching during the daytime, try opening your windows at night to let the cooler air in, and closing them in the morning/afternoon when it is the hottest.

Mental Stimulation

Doctors have long since documented the benefits of spending time outdoors. It promotes mental stimulation and boosts a person’s mood. If you don’t have the opportunity to actually go outside, keeping your windows open can provide similar benefits.

Cut Down on Condensation

Have you ever thought about just how many steamy things go on in your home? No, not that. We’re talking about warm moisture that’s generated from things like bathing, cooking, and even breathing. While things like bathroom ventilation systems and range hoods do help to suck the moist air out of your home, they also help to suck money out of your pockets. The easiest and most cost-effective way to expel moist air is to simply open your windows and doors.

Freshens Your Home

Ever notice how stuffy homes can feel when they aren’t allowed to “breathe”? Open windows and doors at the front and back of the house to generate a refreshing cross ventilation This will effectively clear that stuffiness from your home, while helping to eliminate indoor pollutants and odours.

Enjoy the Sounds of Your Environment

Whether it’s the sounds of birds chirping or the hum of urban white noise that makes up your auditory environment, sometimes, it’s good to let the outside in.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

While also saving yourself some money, turning off the A/C and relying on nature to cool your home can help you reduce your carbon footprint. If lowering your home’s energy consumption is a high priority on your list, then you’ll find that simply opening a window rather than cranking the A/C is one of the easiest ways to get started.

Increase Your Comfort

If you love the idea of opening up the door and windows, but your screens are either old and worn, or nonexistent, browse the listing here on for screen door and window specialists in your local area.

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