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Your home needs fresh air: Here’s why!

Spring is nearly here, and after months of cocooning behind closed doors and windows most of us are ready to let some fresh air inside. However, many households keep their homes closed up, despite the warmer weather.

We spoke to Holly Attfield from Phantom Screens about the importance of opening up to the fresh air.

Why are Canadians saying no to fresh air?

“There are a number of factors contributing to why homeowners may choose to leave their doors and windows closed,” Attfield says.

“Today’s new homes tend to be built without door screens. [Unfortunately], home owners lead such busy lives that […] finding a screening solution is only one of many tasks in the job jar”.
“Mosquitoes [and other insects] are also an ongoing concern”, Attfield says. “Fear of exposing the family to potential risks [such as West Nile virus] has homeowners locked inside their air-tight homes.

phantom screens

Why let air in?

By keeping the doors and windows closed, homeowners are trapping irritants like dust mites, mold and unhealthy bacteria inside. This can cause problems such as headaches and fatigue, along with drying of the eyes, nose and throat.

“A fresh intake of oxygen energizes the body and the soul,” Attfield says.” Fresh, outdoor air […] has been known to reduce stress in both adults and children. Find yourself reaching for that afternoon coffee? Perhaps you really just need to open the door to your backyard”.

Of course, an additional benefit of relying on the fresh air rather than the air conditioning is energy savings!

The Solution

When people think about screen doors and windows, chances are they remember the old gray screens and wooden doors of yesterday. However, Mississauga-based Phantom Screens provides retractable screening for doors, windows and large openings like patios, decks and outdoor kitchens that have come a long way from grandma’s creaky door.

“[Discretely] mounted to your door or window frame, Phantom Screens roll away out of sight when not in use, and do not stand in the way of your view when your doors or windows are closed,” Image_Legacy_Doubles_CareyHome_ds9_1288_3375_3xAttfield explains.

An exciting new innovation being offered by Phantom Screens is the unique Latch & Release handle on their new Legacy Screen.

“ Legacy is the first retractable screen to eliminate the need for magnets to hold the screen in place when in use,” Attfield explains. “An easy to operate thumb lever is all it takes to open the screen”.

Phantom Screens handles everything, from measuring to installation and offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Their installers go over care and use during the installation, making it easy for home owners to keep their screens in great shape

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