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Choose home office furniture that inspires

Shopping for functional AND stylish home office furniture? You’re definitely not alone! The home office has become an increasingly important room in the Canadian home. No longer just a place for the family CFO to pay bills or file important documents, the home office has in fact become the home base for many full-time and part-time telecommuters, small business owners and bloggers across the country.  

While home offices are more commonplace than they once were, it doesn’t mean that everyone has the luxury of lots of space. In fact, some home offices aren’t technically even rooms at all. Fortunately, the right office furniture, a good splash of paint and some creativity can turn even a small reach-in closet into Pinterest-worthy home office.

Closet Office

home office furniture

Source: Decoist

Many industrious homeowners have converted seldom-used closets into closet offices. To keep this space from feeling too confined, keep colours light and build up with shelving. Ensure that the doors can be closed, to hide your office away when the space is used for guests or any other purpose.

Shop small space specialists like Ikea, to get desktops that can be purchased independently of their legs. This will allow you to anchor your desktop to the closet walls or rest it on top of the cabinets. Add floating shelves for easy access storage and to unify the look.

Kitchen Nook

home office furniture

Source: Gallerie B

The kitchen nook isn’t a new idea in North American homes. In fact, this was typically where mom’s office resided. It was where she made grocery lists, paid bills and indulged in a chitchat over that old corded rotary phone (can you imagine not being able to walk from room to room with your phone?!).

The kitchen is still a great place to get some work done, provided you can keep any wee kiddos out of your things (and off of your lap). To make the space blend in with the rest of your kitchen, continue your cabinet into the workspace and opt for a desktop that matches your countertops. Store important documents in locked lower cupboards (to keep little fingers away), and try stashing your printer in a pullout lower cupboard as well. The key is to create a productivity-inspiring spot that doesn’t compromise the esthetics of your kitchen.

Spare Bedroom Office


Another common home office space is in a spare bedroom. Sometimes, this is a dedicated office space, reserved 100% for that purpose. Although, it can also be used as a dual purpose space, which occasionally acts as a guest room.

When you have an office/guest room, the goal is to create a space that feels welcoming in either configuration. The best way to accomplish this is with by keeping your desk and office storage to one side of the room. Then, in the available space, you can add a sleeper sofa, full size bed or even install a murphy bed.

Dedicated home office

home office furniture

Source: Decorpad


If you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated home office space, then consider yourself lucky. Many people who work outside of the home don’t even have their own office these days. So, having a room of one’s own can be a real treat.

When it comes to furnishing your own dedicated office space at home, you will want to choose pieces that make you happy and keep you productive. If you expect to have clients of colleagues drop by from time to time, you will want to include guest chairs and perhaps a small refreshment cart in your office.

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