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Home Renovation: 6 Tips for a Complete Eco-Friendly Home Remodel

Every home needs an update from time to time, as nothing can look good forever. However, since every remodeling project costs, it’s important to spend your money wisely. So, while there’s nothing wrong in updating just your home’s visual appeal, your money would be much better spent if you update your home’s functionality as well. One way to do so is by making it more eco-friendly – and here are six tips that should help you do exactly that.


home renovation

If your home remodel includes new insulation, take the opportunity to choose eco-friendly options. Of course, insulating your home properly is eco-friendly in itself, but there are many different types of insulating materials, some greener than others. If you do it right, your home will be protected from the elements all year round, and spending time indoors will become much more comfortable. Plus, your bills will be lower as well, since you’d be spending less energy on maintaining the optimal temperature inside your home.

Think energy-efficient

home renovation

If you’re thinking about replacing some of your kitchen appliances, make sure to get those that are energy-efficient. You can usually recognize them by the Energy Star label on them. The thing is, some kitchen appliances, like refrigerators, do require a lot of energy. So, reducing that energy even by a little bit could lead to a noticeable change in your utility bill. Therefore, even though energy-efficient appliances might cost a bit more, have no doubt that they would pay off in the long run.

Renovate your façade

There are more than a few ways to boost your curb appeal, but renovating your façade is one of the best ones. It can be as simple as adding a new coat of paint. But, you can also go the extra mile and change everything from doors to windows. Of course, you should still keep the eco-friendly aspect in mind, and opt for VOC-free paints. Finally, don’t neglect your safety – standing on unstable ladders that have to be repositioned every ten minutes is not the way to do it. Luckily, there are some great scaffolding rental services, so think about your safety (and comfort) and make use of mobile scaffolding.

Think about the bathroom

home renovation

You probably already know how much water is used in the bathroom. Therefore, it only makes sense that if you are renovating your home, you should do something about all that water as well. For example, there are many water-saving fixtures you could install, from dual-flush toilets to faucet aerators. You should also pay attention to your plumbing system, as it needs to be well-maintained in order to work properly; your home renovation is a perfect opportunity to check whether everything is in good shape.

Buy reclaimed wood

You don’t need to have the newest in order to have the prettiest. Reclaimed wood can be just as beautiful as any other “new” wood, except that it’s much more eco-friendly. Plus, it’s perfect for getting that vintage look, which will never go out of style. You can use it for your kitchen countertops, floors, patios, and outdoor seating options. Also, it’s much more affordable, so you’d be saving both money and the environment. Moreover, since it is old wood after all – wood with “experience”, it’s often much more durable than newly-harvested options. Finally, there’s just something special about giving new life to old things, so you can rest assured that anything made of reclaimed wood will have a unique character.

Donate your unwanted items

Being eco-friendly is not just about what you use but about what you do with the items you no longer need too. So, if there’s any item that no longer has a place in your home, like a chandelier, table, or closet, don’t just throw it away. Maybe you know somebody who’d like to repaint it and repurpose it. And even if you don’t, you can always give it to one of your local charity organizations. This way, you’d be not only preserving the environment but also giving back to your community.

When remodeling your home, try not to get caught up in the visual details. Think about what you really want to achieve with the renovation, and plan your project around that end goal. With some effort and maybe a bit of professional help, both your small and big ideas could be accomplished. In the end, you’d have an eco-friendly home that you will enjoy spending time in.

Author’s bio:

Robert Clayton is a blogger with a degree in engineering based in Sydney. His interests and passions include DIY, green technologies and home improvement. He also loves good food, music, dogs and enjoys spending time by the ocean. He’s a regular contributor to several Australian Home improvement websites.




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