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Home Renovation Trends for 2017

There is no better time than now to start thinking about the direction you want to take your home in 2017. As with years past, 2017 will introduce new home renovation trends and new technology, but which ideas make the most sense for you and your home? In order to uncover answers to this question, spoke with Paul Napolitano, President of Royal Home Improvements, a GTA leader in residential renovations.

Let’s take a look at what Paul identified as four of the biggest home renovation trends for 2017:

      1. Ease of use: “Ease of use has become an increasingly popular and central theme guiding homeowner renovation decisions. ” Napolitano explains. Convenience and comfort are king when it comes to home renovations. That’s why Bluetooth and other wireless technology linking TV’s, speakers and home security have become so popular, but it doesn’t end there. Whether we are talking no-threshold showers, wall mounted sinks and shower seating in the bathroom or hydraulic cabinet doors and motion sensor taps in the kitchen, the ease of use concept is here to stay in 2017.
      2. Energy Efficient Technology: “Energy efficient renovations are an investment with long-term payoff and one that more and more homeowners are starting to make.” Napolitano explains. The added expense of energy efficient home renovations is recovered in the long-term through savings on your energy bills. Converting to energy efficient appliances, programmable thermostats, higher efficiency HVAC and LED lights can save you up to 30% on your monthly energy bills.
      3. Bold Décor Design: “A New Year always brings with it new décor trends for homeowners to consider and experiment with.” Napolitano explains. Some of the latest trends include matte black appliances, front exposed sinks, bold light fixtures, mosaic accent tiles in the shower, open shelves in the kitchen and floors that combine both tile and hardwood.
      4. Ageing in Place: “Not new but growing in popularity are renovations that support staying in the home and making the home suit your changing circumstances.”  Having a member of the household require mobility assistance can be accommodated by changing counter heights, modifying cabinetry, widening doorways and enlarging showers to enable access. And all this can be achieved without compromising style.

Have you been mulling over the direction to take your home in 2017? Hopefully some of the trends discussed here appeal to you, and if they have you know you can rely on the experts at Royal Home Improvements to do the job right. You can contact Royal Home Improvements today by visiting their listing on

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