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Home Repairs Don’t Have to Break You

A home repair doesn’t have to empty your bank account. By taking care of small things religiously, you can avoid the big problems down the road.

You know–the big problems that require hours of labor and thousands of your dollars funneling into a contractor’s pocket.

Not only can small changes save you money, they can increase the value of your home, effectively adding money to your future.

Roof Repair

Replacing an entire roof is expensive, especially if you hire a contractor. Placing it on yourself will save thousands.

For those that will need to hire roofing contractors, be sure to search around for not only quality service, but the best price. Along with online searches, ask friends and family in the area who they might recommend.

roofing contractor

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If taking on the task yourself, look for shingles that are on sale, discontinued, or in a color that isn’t the hottest selling.

Before you purchase, make sure that the guarantee is still in effect. Roll roofing is significantly cheaper than shingles, but only lasts about five years. This can be a quick fix until you can afford a different type of roofing.

Lastly, keep your roof in good repair by removing debris.

Sticks and stones that are thrown on the roof can damage shingles, causing leaks. Check the roof periodically for damaged shingles and replace them. It’s much cheaper to replace one or two broken shingles than to replace the entire roof.


Keep pipes running clear by installing hair traps on all of the drains. They can be purchased in packs and slipped into or over the drain. These usually look like mesh baskets. Tap them into the trash to remove build-up.

Pipes that are running slow can be cleared with baking soda poured into the drain, vinegar poured on top, then followed by boiling water. This doesn’t damage septic systems and is safer than drain chemicals. Never pour any strong chemical into a septic system, as this kills bacteria that helps keep the system running.

Tools and Supplies

Tool kits that contain everything needed for most home repair can be found at all major home repair stores.

The kits are so popular that they are often discounted deeply. Around the holidays, the kits may be $10 or less.

home repair tools

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For the majority of small repairs you will need a hammer, ratchet kit, wrenches, pliers, and adjustable pliers. A pipe wrench is a valuable tool to have around the home. Add a plunger and pipe snake to your home repair kit – you won’t be sorry.

If your repair is going to cost a pretty penny (such as that roof replacement we mentioned earlier), make sure you take a look at your budget and make any alterations needed to fit in this new expense. For more info on budgeting, check out “A Budget Can Boost Your Family’s Savings.”

At the end of the day, while home repairs are all but a necessity, they don’t have to crack your bank account.

Don’t have time to do all the little repairs that pile up? Take a look at eieihome’s directory of handymen.

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