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Home security tips: before you go on vacation

When seeking out home security tips before going on vacation, you will notice one common piece of advice: make sure that your home looks inhabited. Make it look, sound and seem like someone is at home. This is an important piece of advice when you consider the fact that recent statistics show that a residential break-in occurs in Canada every 90 seconds, with more than 80% of home invasions taking place during the daytime. Of course the risk increases when your home sits empty for an extended period of time.  

Employ these home security tips to ensure that your home remains safe and secure while you are away on March break, for a long weekend, during the holidays or at any time of the year.

Lock all doors and windows

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, locking your doors and windows while on vacation is absolutely necessary. This includes your garage door, basements windows and doors, and windows on the upper floors of your home. Essentially, if it has a lock, lock it.

Keep valuables out of view

Regardless of how proud you may be of your extremely large, ultra high definition tv, it really does need to be kept out of sight. Note: simply closing the curtains isn’t always enough due to the sheerness of the curtain materiel. If you have valuable items in a room with large windows, try installing some blackout curtains to make certain that no one can see into your home.

Put lights on a timer

Remember, you want your home to appear inhabited. A good way to do so is to put your lights on a timer. If your lights are coming on and going off at different times, it gives the appearance of someone being home. You can also puts your tv and electronics on a timer if you wish.

Ask neighbours for help

If you know your neighbours, it’s a good idea to try and enlist their help while you are away on vacation. Ask them to set one of their garbage bags in front of your home on garbage day, get them to park in your driveway, or to collect any flyers that might be collecting on your porch.

Just say no to social media

As much as you would like to boast about your impending all-inclusive, fun in the sun vacation, it is extremely important that you don’t broadcast your vacation plans on social media until after you’ve returned. Privacy settings are not infallible …and you know the rule anyway, pics or it didn’t happen. So just wait till you get back.

If you’re getting ready to go away for March break, before you leave, take a moment to employ some of these tips. That way your return will be just as happy as the moment you embark on your bon voyage.

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