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House Cleaning Tricks for a Stress-Free Spring Clean

So you’ve put that house cleaning off a bit by working slowly toward that ultimate goal of having a home that’s sparkling from top to bottom. Rather than stressing about the details, just follow a few simple tricks. Really. There are house cleaning tricks. You’ll have your place spic and span without any swept-under-the-rug secrets well before summer makes its first appearance.

House Cleaning with Shower Power

It’s the ultimate “I’ll take care of it later” cleaning chore that rears its ugly head during spring cleaning. Whether you’re dealing with a shower, a bathtub or a combination, soap scum and potential mold issues are ever-present and incredibly challenging, particularly when it comes to grout.

The trick? Simple: Mix some baking soda and water to create a thick paste. Spread this cleanser onto all grouted surfaces and let it do its thing for 20 minutes or so. Gently remove the dried paste with warm water and a cleaning cloth and you’re home free (minus the chemical inhalation headache).

Cleaning Up Wax Residue

All of those lovely dinners and game nights spent with friends, family and loved ones – the candles just added such a nice, cozy touch. Only now you’re left with wax residue.

House Cleaning Tricks for a Stress-Free Spring Clean

The trick: Place your glass-contained wax into the freezer long enough for the wax to freeze – think two hours or so. The wax will constrict under the icy temps and will fall right out when you tip its glass holder. However, if you’ve already been scrubbing away and have messy ridges of residue, fill up your sink with warm soapy water and soak your candle holders. The softened wax scrapes off easily with the help of a cloth, sponge or a butter knife for extra large chunks.

The Spring Clean Big Purge

Some people cannot handle the details when it comes to fighting dust and grime. Others, however, keep their dirty secret in plain sight, assuming no one will read expiration dates or wonder what’s hiding behind closed doors. If your problem is product overload, it’s simply time to part ways with items you no longer use (or those you should no longer be using, anyway).

The trick: Check out the expiration date on products like makeup, toothpaste, food, pet products – if it’s expired or almost expired and you have no plans of using it – throw it away or recycle it if that’s an option.

If it’s not expired, but you can’t bear to part ways? Donate! Give what you won’t be using to those in need or friends who have gifted you in the past. You’ll be surprised at how carefree you’ll feel when your space is free of clutter.

The Spring Clean Dust Bunny Dilemma

There are always those places you squint at while vacuuming, trying to come up with a way to reach them. Heavy furniture makes getting those elusive dust bunnies out of their hiding spots nearly impossible. Even if your arm muscles will never be up to the challenge, there is a stress-free trick to sliding that furniture away from the wall.

House Cleaning Tricks for a Stress-Free Spring Clean

The trick: If you have hard floors such as hardwoods and extra help, fold up a couple towels and have your assistant help you quickly slide them under either side of a piece of furniture. If you’re on your own, run to your home improvement store and purchase furniture sliders (whether you have carpet or hard floors). Pop these little miracles sliders under each corner of your piece of furniture and slide to your heart’s content.

Keep in mind while you’re organizing and house cleaning that you should be feeling relieved … not stressed out, so if you don’t have the time consider calling in a local professional cleaning service to help you out. With your new tricks for the zen-like house cleaning you’ve always hoped for, you’ll be lounging on a hammock with a lemonade in your hand faster than you can say “adios, dust bunny.”

By Tarah Damask

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