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How to Choose the Right Fencing for Your Home

Fencing, much like landscaping and siding, can make or break a property. Choose the wrong style and you could not only ruin the look of your outdoor space, but compromise your privacy and put the safety of your family at risk. Before you jump the gun and purchase materials or hire a professional, make sure you know the answer to these five important questions:

1. Which Style Best Suits Your House?

Yes, you may desperately covet your neighbor’s classic white picket fence, but it may not be the right choice for your home.

Pick something that emulates the style of your house or uses similar materials. For instance a small brick one-story may look better with a simple brick border rather than something in metal or wood. On the flip side, a large concrete or stucco home with ornate detailing could benefit from grand wrought iron fencing.

That said, don’t feel limited to building a fence out of a singular material. Combination fences can also be eye-catching.

2. How Much Privacy Do You Need?

If you’re installing a fence to keep out nosy neighbors there are several materials that just aren’t going to cut it. Chain link, wrought iron and some wood fencing gives those on the outside too much of a view of what’s going on inside. Stone, brick and concrete are the top options to keep your lot as private as possible. If these materials don’t fit with your home’s aesthetic, you can also opt for a solid wood fence or a privacy wood fence with a lattice.

3. What Are the Local Regulations?

Many neighborhoods and towns have rules and regulations in regards to fencing. This includes the type of materials that can be used as well as the height of the fence. Be sure to contact your local hall or council to find out what is and isn’t allowed.

4. What Can You Afford?

Fencing can cost a pretty penny — especially if you hire a professional to install it. Before you choose materials, take into consideration what your budget is versus how much fencing you’ll need. Wrought iron fencing is dramatic and fabulous, but also the most expensive. Therefore, it may not be the most economical choice for a homeowner looking to fence in a large lot on a small budget. On the other hand, chain link fencing isn’t the most beautiful option but it’s easy to install and light on the wallet.

5. What’s the Weather Like?

If you live in an area prone to spells of harsh weather you may want to skip materials like wood which can rot, or iron which can rust. Look-alike options such as aluminum, vinyl coated wood and composite fencing are all going to stand up to the elements year after year with little maintenance.

Choosing the right fencing is a tough decision. If you know exactly what you’re looking for before you head to the store, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your property.


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