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How to choose the right self-storage locker

Offseason tires, Christmas decorations, old clothes, unused furniture, plus boxes upon boxes of old paperwork. Sound familiar? For a lot of people, these are the things that make up the clutter in their home.

When it’s time to get serious (usually around this time of year) and clear out the clutter, a lot of people turn to renting an self-storage locker as a solution. Offsite storage keeps your excess things safe and accessible, while preventing them from taking up valuable space at home. Here are a few things to keep in mind before signing your contract:

Do You Really Need to Keep It All?

Before you go out and rent the perfect locker to fit all of your stuff, take an honest step back and think about if you really need to keep it all. One of the “dangers” associated with self-storage lockers is that they tend not to solve the problem of clutter; they simply move the clutter to a different location.

Most storage facilities scale their pricing by the size of the locker. This means that if cost if a concern, you’ll really want to think long and hard about how my you truly need to store. Do you really think you’re going to use that old coffee table again? Could that box of paperwork actually be sorted through and then shredded or filed?

Is It Easy to Get To?

If you plan to store seasonal items that you’ll need to access at least once or twice per year, then it’s best to choose a storage facility located close to home. You’ll want to have easy access to things like winter tires, Christmas decorations and sporting equipment.

How Long Will You Use It?

There are certain situations that make renting a self-storage unit more of a temporary solution. For example, if your decluttering is due to the impending staging and sale of your house, then you’ll want to select a storage facility that accommodates month by month rentals. There is a definite trend among short-term self-storage renters to end up keeping the locker for longer than they’d originally intended. So, don’t be surprised if your short-term rental turns into a long-term resource.

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