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How to Create a Shared Room Your Kids Will Love

One wrong decorating move and a bedroom shared by two or more of your children can become the scene of a major meltdown. With different ages and personalities to accommodate, it may seem nearly impossible to create a room that gives both of your rug rats exactly what they want. However, with a little ingenuity when it comes to design, you can create a space that satisfies everyone’s needs, especially if you find the right general contractor for the project!

Use the Decor to Separate the Space

Just because your children are splitting a room, doesn’t mean they need to share the entire space. Feel free to divide the room into separate areas. This is a must-have solution to curb complaints from a boy/girl share, or tweens and teens that have to co-habitate with a much younger sibling.

The simplest option is to hang a curtain down the middle. You can also employ room dividers or even a set of screens for a more bohemian feel. If you’re looking to also add extra storage, a pair of brightly painted bookcases will give each child their own nook and more spots to store books and toys.

Have the Interior Decor Flaunt Their Personality

The greatest thing about your kids? They each have their own fabulous personalities. It’s important to integrate both of their likes and interests into their room’s decor so everyone feels a sense of ownership of the space.

Rather than try to nail down a theme both kids agree on, opt for matching furniture that’s simple and unobtrusive design-wise. Choose bedding that works together aesthetically, but also reflects each child’s favorite colors. Let the walls be the space where they can really exert their individuality via artwork, photo boards and wall hangings.

Double Up the Furniture

Unfortunately, for some families, two or more children may have to share a room that’s short on space. Basic bunk beds are a natural go-to, but rather than the usual fare, choose custom-made pieces that give you more bang for your buck. This set of bunk beds incorporates a sweet little sleeping space with a work station, while also providing plenty of space under each for storage.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Multiple kids means you need multiple storage solutions. Don’t just depend on the closet to provide hideaway space. Although, having one that’s evenly divided and well-planned out — like the one below — can’t hurt.

Keep in mind you’ll also need extras like shelving, baskets and trunks for each child. Choose matching pieces you can mirror on both sides of the room, or opt for color-coded baskets to prevent their things from co-mingling.

Common Area Decor

Though your kids may favor separate but equal, it’s always nice to give them a small common area where they can hang out together or play with friends. This can be established with a rug, a few bean bag chairs and some throw pillows. If you have the space, opt to add a sitting area with a loveseat and chairs. Make sure the common area is in the center, between each child’s space, so neither of them feels like they’re giving up part of “their side of the room.”
Creating a shared room that finds the right balance between each child is a win-win for every family member. It encourages harmony between siblings and eliminates unnecessary headaches for you.

By Megan Mostyn-Brown

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