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How to decorate your bedroom

No, you didn’t just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. If you get up one morning, look around your bedroom and feel like it needs a bit of a face lift, maybe it’s just time for some redecorating.

It’s an enjoyable fantasy — until you realize you don’t have the experience to pull off a major redecoration. Don’t despair — as long as you follow some basic considerations, seeing your bedroom decorating dreams become a reality is actually quite simple.

1. Finding Your Personal Style

As you begin defining your taste in decorating styles and the colour palettes that you enjoy the most, you may find that translating your personal style into the redecorating of your bedroom seems like a foreign concept. Rather than attempting to paint up a few new sketches of your desired room, take a step back and brainstorm in a more playful way: create an inspiration board.

How to redecorate your bedroom

Image by San Francisco Media And Blogs SFGIRLBYB

Whether you choose to create a collage on your computer or on a piece of poster board, your assignment is easy and stress free. Search through online and print magazines, whether fashion, photography or design related, and pull out anything that inspires you. From furniture to colours that strike your fancy, you can create a sense of your personal aesthetic through this process. If you find once your inspiration board is complete that you’re grasping for terms to attribute to your style, call up a decor-savvy friend or dig deeper into those design catalogs. Once you have the jargon down, shopping is a cinch.

2. Determining Your Overall Goal

If you’re simply looking to revive a space that has lost its luster, focus on those aspects of the room that involve colour and fabric. A fresh coat of paint, new curtains and new bedding can work wonders for infusing your room with a sense of freshness. Check out for ideas on quick ways to change up the décor in your bedroom.

How to redecorate your bedroom

Image by Chicago Design-build Normandy Remodeling

For a more intense rejuvenation, consider replacing your current furniture and re-structuring the way your room is set up. Replace fixtures, ceiling fans and windows to give your bedroom a completely new feel. Consider adding luxe details such as crown moulding or new flooring.

3. Setting the Budget

You need to set a budget before you make even a single purchase. It’s always good to have a cushion in case things don’t go exactly as planned. Whether you run out of materials or accidentally spill paint all over your floor, starting with a budget means redecorating will be a fun experience rather than a stressful one.

Designer Saara Morston of LUX Design, Toronto, suggests that you “create a budget and break it down into categories so you can evaluate where the money should go to make the most impact.”

She recommends spending a little more on a focal point such as beautiful wallpaper — this will greatly reflect your personal style. Your focal point sets the tone of the room, so whether you buy brand new décor or re-purpose exciting finds from estate sales and thrift stores, the rest of your pieces will easily follow suit.

4. DIY or Call in the Professionals?

Consider designer Morston’s help when it comes to making the choice between DIY or hiring a design firm. If you don’t feel as though you’ve truly attained the vision for your space that you hoped for, designers can push you out of your comfort zone and into creative, up-to-date ideas tailored to your unique style. They’re also trained to plan your room according to the optimal usage of your space. However, if you’re feeling confident and enjoy the evolution of a do-it-yourself project, go for it — you can always call in the professionals if you decide you’re in over your head!

Remember, though, that calling in professionals once you’ve made mistakes will cost you. Careful planning and budgeting will help you prevent design gaffes you’ll need to pay someone later to fix.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. No matter what you want, from neon green walls to an extreme number of oversize giraffe statues, the elements that make you smile are always the right choice.

By Tarah Damask

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