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How to Decorate on a Budget

Needless to say, shifting to a new apartment is a stressful experience. After spending thousands on household essentials such as tables and couches, the most daunting task ahead of you is thinking how you will make the new place feel and look homely. Contrary to what you might think, decorating your new apartment doesn’t need to be costly. Here are 11 awesome ways to cheaply decorate your new apartment. For even more savings, consider purchasing a gift card for a home decor store like HomeGoods in December. Many stores offer discounted or even free gift cards during the holiday season!

1. Purchase Removable Decals and Wallpaper

Permanent wallpaper can be intimidating since removing it from walls is difficult. If you are a homeowner or renter who is into interior design, removable wallpaper offers a suitable solution for adding a splash of personal style and color to your house. Removable wallpaper easily sticks to walls, and is also easy to remove when moving out.

2. Build a DIY Bar Cart

Bar carts are fun design elements for your house. Nonetheless, they can be extremely expensive. Buying a cheap bar cart at the local hardware store or flea market is a good idea. You will save even more money if you choose to build a bar cart yourself. DIY bar carts similarly allow you to design them to match your personal tastes through the addition of decorative elements that appeal most to you.

3. Add a Decorative Mirror or Two

Floor length mirrors can make your rooms appear bigger than they really are. With a mirror or two, your rooms will also look more open. If you live in a tiny apartment, position the mirrors strategically so that they reflect windows and optimally capture light. This will add dimension to your rooms. Floor length mirrors are available at affordable prices in most flea markets.

4. Repaint Old Furniture

Old furniture pieces whose coating has peeled off make your rooms appear dull. Rather than dumping your furniture to buy new stuff, consider repainting it. This will not only restore their look but also enhance their longevity.

5. Creatively Hide Storage

Clutter makes your house to look smaller and more congested than it really is. You should consider getting rid of unnecessary accessories, books, magazines, and room accessories and instead purchase furniture that does double the work. This may include storage ottomans and chests. Another great option is the placement of certain furniture including tables, cabinets, and chairs at an angle in one corner of your rooms so that a built-in space can be created for hiding extra stuff.

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