How to make the right investment when cleaning air ducts

Everyone loves a great deal, but when it comes to cleaning your home’s air ducts, you get what you pay for. While there are plenty of companies offering $99 duct cleaning services, choosing a company based on price alone may leave you full of regret. We spoke with Brendan Ryan, a Lead Technician at Dave’s Duct Cleaning, about how to make a worthwhile investment.

About the company

Dave’s Duct Cleaning is an award-winning air duct cleaning company servicing homes in the GTA. They have the expertise and knowledge to know what it takes for your home to receive a thorough and proper duct cleaning.

Don’t choose a company based on price alone

Dave’s Duct Cleaning offers duct cleaning packages between $299 and $399. While these prices may seem high compared to some companies offering $99 packages, Ryan says there’s a big difference between what the two companies offer.

“The technicians probably aren’t qualified, they aren’t doing a thorough cleaning and they’re using scare tactics to upsell services you don’t need,” he says.

This could be lurking in your air ducts. That's why this home project is such a worthwhile investment!

This could be lurking in your air ducts. That’s why this home project is such a worthwhile investment!

Beware the upsell

Most of the time, companies who offer a low fee for service will try to upsell services. “Because you don’t know enough about your system, they’re able to take advantage of you,” says Ryan. Telling you that there’s a problem with your furnace that is costly to repair is a common tactic used by companies that charge a low price for duct cleaning services. The problem with this, says Ryan, is duct cleaners are not allowed to touch certain components of the furnace.

“If a duct cleaner says there’s a problem with anything related to the gas part of your furnace, then you need to walk away because they don’t have a gas license,” says Ryan. “Only a TSSA licensed gas technician can tell you if there’s a problem with the parts that are connected to the gas line.”

Due diligence is required

When selecting a duct cleaning company, Ryan says it’s up to homeowners to do their due diligence. Ask whether the company is NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) certified, how long the cleaning will take, how many people are being sent to your home and have the technicians earned their own NADCA certifications.

Ryan says a proper cleaning should take two to three hours by two licensed technicians.

Checking online reviews through associations is also a great way to ensure you’re inviting a reputable company into your home. For a personal guarantee of work, Ryan also recommends requesting before and after photos of the company’s work.


For more information on having your home’s ducts cleaned, visit Dave’s Duct Cleaning‘s profile on our website for more information and articles about duct cleaning.

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