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How to Make your Weekend Visits to the Cottage a Breeze

After a long work week there’s nothing like escaping to the cottage for the weekend to enjoy a little R and R. Although you’re looking forward to a relaxing weekend away, packing for the cottage can sometimes become a source of stress. Therefore, it’s important to make simple preparations that will have you feeling calm and prepared on the day you’re ready to head up.

Plan Your Meals

Pre-planning your meals for the weekend will allow you to efficiently purchase groceries, as well as prevent you from packing more than you need. If you’re having guests stay over for the weekend, telling them what foods or beverages they can bring up, based on your meal plan, is another way to make even less work for yourself. When deciding on what dishes to cook, try to select low-maintenance meals. Pasta, BBQ, salads and sandwiches all require very minimal prep-time, which means less time in the kitchen and more time relaxing by the lake. Keeping condiments, seasoning and spices up at the cottage is another great way to save space when packing and shorten your list of things to bring.

Leave the Essentials

Keeping not only kitchen necessities at the cottage, but toiletries as well is a great way to make your packing process simple and hassle free. Purchasing a second set of shampoos, soaps, creams, toothbrushes, sunscreens, bug sprays and whatever else you may need to keep at the cottage will leave you with very little packing to worry about. Emergency backup clothes are also great to keep at the cottage, just incase you forget to pack your bathing suit one weekend, or a friend doesn’t have a sweater on a chilly night. You never know when an extra set of clothes could come in handy for you, or a guest staying for the weekend.

Follow the Campsite Rule

A golden rule to follow when leaving the cottage for the weekend is the campsite rule: leave things better than you found them. This includes cleaning, changing bed sheets, doing laundry and taking the garbage out. Leaving the cottage in tip-top shape at the end of each weekend will make the beginning of each visit a breeze. Upon arrival you won’t have to worry about making beds or cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, you’ll be able to simply unpack and sit out on the dock. This tip is especially useful for when guests visit for the weekend, as their beds will already be made, and you’ll have fresh towels folded and ready for them.

Prepare for the Weather

Checking the weather before heading to the cottage is an important tip that will ensure you pack everything you need to enjoy your weekend of relaxation. If the forecast is calling for rain, pack some board games, movies and other activities that you can enjoy indoors while you wait for the storm to pass. It’s also important to pack clothing that is weather appropriate, make sure to check the forecast for the entire day so you have warm clothes for a chilly evening or a bathing suit and lots of sunscreen for a humid day.

Photo courtesy of TMS Architects

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