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How to renovate your fireplace

While it is no longer the main source of warmth, or at the heart of a family’s cooking, the fireplace is still a natural focal point in most Canadian homes. So, if the flame has gone out on your fireplace’s aesthetic appeal, you may be looking for ways to bring it back to life. When preparing to renovate your fireplace, consider these five points to help inspire the fireplace of your dreams.

Browse Fireplace Designs

Before you start renovating you need to browse designs and types of fireplaces. Check out your favourite home design magazine or website and look for designs and layouts that appeal to you. You can even take pieces from different designs and incorporate them into your own renovation. Inspiration is the key to any renovation process.

Fuel Choice

How do you want to create the heat in the fireplace? Would you like a gas burning fireplace, wood burning or biofuel? Look to your inspiration and think about how much work you’re willing to do to create the heat. If you aren’t interested in keeping a stash of firewood in your backyard then look at gas or biofuel. These types of fireplaces require little to no maintenance and are quick to light. Keep in mind, if your plans to renovate your fireplace include changing the firebox; converting from wood burning to gas or adding a wood burner you will need a permit and more than likely to bring in a professional.


renovating your fireplace

Source: Home Dit

As the natural centerpiece to the room, the scale of your room will determine the size of the fireplace. Naturally you want this element of your home and everything that surrounds it, to complement the rest of your home, so make sure that the dimensions of the fireplace coincide with the surrounding environment.

TV or no TV?

The decision of adding a TV on top of your fireplace is strictly up to the discretion of the home owner. This is a popular trend and it looks sharp if it’s done properly but some people have different opinions. With the adaption of televisions and their lightweight and sleek exterior, more people are adding them to their fireplace mantels, resulting in a duel purpose entertainment unit. Make sure the TV is placed at the appropriate level and distance from the fireplace itself. In addition, select a mounting system designed to suit your TV’s weight and size to ensure the unit stays safely secured to the wall. Do your research before hanging your TV to make sure your doing it safely.


When you’re constructing your budget for your fireplace renovation, allow for the costs of materials, installation and any other miscellaneous costs that you think could come up. A fireplace renovation is very difficult to undo, so make sure you spend the money to do it correctly and look for the best professional for the job.

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