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Quick Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lawn in Summer

Despite the recent rainfall, August tends to be rather dry in Ontario and other parts of the country.What we have now are hot, dry conditions, that might make an afternoon by the pool more desirable but can be big trouble for maintaining a green, healthy lawn.

Unfortunately, the telltale signs are already popping up in many neighbourhoods throughout the province. Parched, brittle looking lawns are quickly replacing the lush green produced by the rain we had earlier in the season.

How to Fix it? Water your lawn.

This may seem like an obvious tip, but lawn watering isn’t actually as prevalent in Ontario as it may be in other parts of North America.  Whether it’s a desire to keep water bills low or that Ontarians simply aren’t as obsessed with green lawns, the reality is that a parched lawn does detract from your home’s overall curb appeal.

Quick Tips for Watering Your Lawn in Summer

  • Use a Hose End Timer –No time to water, or looking to water during times when your lawn is least likely to be used? Visit your favourite home goods store and pick up a hose end timer. Available in electronic, manual and even Bluetooth versions, these timers make it easy to keep your lawn perfectly hydrated for a fraction of the cost involved in installing a timed sprinkler system. As the name suggests, the timer attaches to the end of the hose on one side and to the outdoor faucet on the other. The faucet is left on, and the water flow is regulated by the time. Attach a sprinkler to the other end of the hose, and you’ll have a very low effort, but effective means of keeping your lawn watered.
  • Water Either Late at Night or Early Morning –further to the above point, the optimal watering time is actually very early morning, between 3 and 6 AM. This is when the day is coolest and when rapid evaporation is less likely to occur. So, again, you might want to see about that timer.
  • Water Weekly, but not Weakly –Overwatering is just as bad as under watering, when it comes to maintaining the health of your lawn. When the weather isn’t overly hot, aim for once per week, but give your lawn a deep drink. About an inch or so, according to the experts. In drier conditions, you can increase your watering to once every 3-5 days.


Hire a professional lawn care service! This is the best way to keep your lawn looking its best all year lawn, regardless of the weather conditions. A reputable lawn care service helps keep you lawn well-fed and free of weeds. They can all take care of any problems, like grubs, thin lawns, and care for shrubs.

To connect with local lawn care professionals in your area, be sure to visit the listings here on

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