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Identify an electrical problem before it happens

Imagine it’s a cold January evening. You’re curled up by the fireplace. Suddenly, the power goes out and you’re stuck in the dark with no heat. Electrical problems never arrive at a convenient time and there’s no way to tell when they will happen. We have pulled together a list of what you can do and how to prevent an electrical emergency from happening.

Check your circuit breakers

Circuit breakers tend to trip when they’re overloaded or very old. If you find your circuit breaker occasionally tripping, this could be a sign of an overload. To test this theory, plug an appliance into a different circuit. If the breaker trips, it might be time to hire an experienced electrician to examine your equipment.

Watch out for electrical shocks

Don’t ignore any signs of mild shock or tingling upon touching an appliance. A shock is a warning sign of improper electrical wiring or the appliance itself is damaged. Unplug the appliance from the wall socket before trying to figure out what went wrong. The wiring, cords, plugs or electrical unit itself should either be repaired or replaced to prevent the problem from happening again.

Buy the right light bulbs

Pay attention to the light bulbs you buy for each fixture. If they exceed the maximum recommended wattage, it could cause the light fixture to overheat, which can then cause an electrical fire. To avoid this potential problem, consider buying compact fluorescent light or light-emitting diode bulbs. They produce less heat, thus protect your home from experiencing a heat buildup.

Examine light switches and receptacles

If light switches and plugs in your home work only now and then, faulty wiring could be the cause of this problem. Also, if plugs tend to feel loose inside their respective outlets and someone pulls out the cord, they can receive a shock as a result. In such cases, it’s important to have an electrician examine the wiring in your home.

Smell something burning?

A sure way to determine if your electricity is running smoothly in your home is if you notice a burning smell from any outlets or switches. If so, turn the power off at the electrical panel. A burning smell is a good indicator of electrical fire. Do not attempt to repair any electrical problems yourself. Consult a professional who can put your electrical needs back in order.

Don’t attempt to fix electrical problems if you’re unsure of what or how to do it. Leave that up to the experts. Heres a list of electricians who can provide advice and conduct electrical repairs in your home to keep you and your family safe.

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