Identifying the Best Countertop Material

Different stone and granite counter tops.Upgrading the kitchen in your Richmond Hill home offers you the chance to add beauty, functionality and style, helping you create the ideal space. However, it can also leave you with questions. One of the most common questions by those building a new home or remodelling their current kitchen concerns countertop material. What option is the best? There are tons of material choices on the market today, but they’re not all the same. Knowing what is available will ensure that you are able to get the best material for your needs.

Natural Stone Countertops

One of the best materials on the market is natural stone. It offers beauty, durability and is available in a range of types. Common types of natural stone countertops available through a good cabinetmaker include soapstone, granite, slate and several others, though granite is the most popular. Stone can compliment any kitchen and is more affordable today than it once was. Granite and soapstone will require sealing to prevent spills from seeping into them and discolouring the stone, though.

Wood Countertops

If you are looking for a countertop material that will give you great usability, beauty and a relaxed look, then wood is your best option. Butcher’s block countertops are extremely popular and can give you a built-in food preparation area almost anywhere. Because wood countertops tend to show signs of use, they are the perfect option for those who like a distressed, aged look. However, don’t think that wood is not durable – the right species can be as durable as granite.

Concrete Countertops

While the thought of a concrete counter in your kitchen might not be appealing, there are lots of pros to this choice. Concrete can be tinted a wide range of colours, can be poured in almost any shape and can be stamped with numerous decorative elements. Concrete counters are becoming more popular every day, particularly with those who want the look of natural stone, but do not want the price tag that often goes along with a custom stone countertop. Concrete is an economical, stylish, durable choice for countertops throughout a home.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate counters are often considered “low end,” but they can be a good choice for some kitchens. Laminate counters are some of the most durable surfaces out there for the cost, and the sheer range of colours, styles and textures available is astounding. With the right accents (backsplash and edging pieces), laminate countertops can be difficult to tell from stone and other options on the market.

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