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Improve your home’s curb appeal with decorative concrete landscape borders

There’s no doubting curb appeal is one of the most important factors affecting a home’s sale price.  Beyond a well-manicured lawn, adding custom concrete curbing as a decorative finish to flower beds and walkways is an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade the aesthetics of your yard and improve your home’s first impression.

eieihome spoke to Carlos Renderos, owner operator of the local franchise Curb-Ease, a company that has been providing concrete garden edging for residential and commercial applications for the past 17 years.  He says his custom concrete landscape borders can instantly beautify any property while saving homeowners time and money with lawn and landscape maintenance.

Design options 

With 22 colours available and over 20 stamped patterns, concrete edging allows you to create a customized look that compliments your home and existing landscape.  “It can be made to match the look of any home’s exterior, carrying the theme of the exterior colour of the home into the yard,” says Renderos.  Because the colour is added directly to the concrete mixture, you won’t need to worry about peeling, flaking or chipping.  Stamped patterns can create the look of brick, stone, slate, rock or wood, adding texture and interest to landscaping.

Unique shapes 

Custom concrete curbing can be designed in any shape.  When planning the design, Renderos recommends clients lay a rope on the ground in the shape they want the flower bed and purchase an eco-friendly marking paint to help visualize what the design will look like when completed.



While plastic edging, bricks or natural stones can shift due to ground movement and changes in temperature, concrete edging is a one-piece, continuous border that is given strength through its volume and will stay in place much better.

Reduce Maintenance

In addition to transforming the look of your yard, concrete borders reduce the amount of time required to maintain the finished look.  While most homeowners run to the garden store in the spring to purchase bags of soil or mulch to top up flower beds after melting snow and rain have caused them to erode, concrete borders hold the soil in place, preventing erosion.  “It saves you money in the long run because you don’t have to buy the same amount of soil or mulch,” says Renderos.

Enhance Outdoor Safety

Rather than decorative garden lights that get knocked down or break, lighting can be installed directly into the concrete curb to light up a pathway or garden bed.  Renderos of Curb-Ease has even installed festive lighting that changes colours, eliminating the need to purchase additional seasonal lighting.

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