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Improve lighting in your home with these tips

Lighting is more than just a necessity – it’s an opportunity to make a statement in your home with stunning light fixtures that speak to your personality and taste. Interior designer Dvira Ovadia shares her tips for how to incorporate stylish lighting into your home. You’ll be so inspired, you’ll want to reach for the phone to call one of our electricians for a new lighting project!

Why lighting is so important

Bright, light and airy is key to so many well-designed and functional spaces. When natural light is limited, the right light fixtures will function to illuminate the rooms while creating an aesthetic statement. Rugs, fabrics, drapery and furnishings need to be properly illuminated in order to bring out their beauty and create the right ambiance in the room.

After working on countless episodes of HGTV’s Income Property, many of which were basement apartments, I was always faced with the challenge of making the spaces feel sunny and bright through careful allocation of lighting. Introducing the right amount of fixtures and the proper combination of lighting sources allowed the spaces to shine both on and off camera.

Now these are well-lit basements!

Now these are well-lit basements!

Incorporate stylish lighting in your home

Creating lighting plans are key to ensuring there is ample distribution of lighting in a space. At Dvira Interiors, we ensure that every client’s lighting becomes an essential component of the design package, no matter how small the budget.

In order for artificial lighting to give your space the right look, feel and luminescence, you must not only rely on one lighting source. It takes careful laying of fixtures to create the right ambiance and tackle multiple functional zones. An interior designer has the talent to visualize what type of lighting will work to enhance a space.

There are 3 essential types of lighting that can be defined into different categories:

  • Ambient. This is your overall, general light source. Typically, this is your pot lights or basic overhead light source.
  • Task. This type of lighting functions to illuminate a specific area or zone, whether it’s a deck lamp or under cabinet lighting. This light source is targeted to your specific needs.
  • Accent lighting. This lighting is meant to focus on a specific subject or area. It can create an optical illusion if used properly. This type of lighting is commonly used to highlight interior architectural features, artwork and also predominantly used outdoors to create an ambiance among landscaping.

From left to right: Ambient, task, accent lighting.

What about a big, fancy chandelier?

Outside of function, we often use light fixtures to add drama to a space. The right pendant or chandelier can become the wow factor and the lasting impression for many rooms in your house.

Selecting the right chandelier for your room takes careful consideration of scale and style. If you are stuck on where to go or what to choose, call in the experts. A few hours at the right lighting store with an interior designer can shed a lot of light on your lighting dilemmas (decor humour).


My expert tips on lighting up your home

  1. Look for LED fixtures. These will stay cool and last much longer than your traditional bulbs.
  2. Condo living can be frustrating. The lack of overhead lighting is common for many new and old buildings. The ability to install pot lights is impossible with most typical concrete ceiling construction. Compensate for the lack of lighting with table lamps, floor lamps and under cabinet lighting.
  3. Dimmers are a great way to control lighting and set the right ambiance. Install them on all major light sources and pot lights.

See Dvira in action on Income Property alongside Scott McGillivray!

Lighting may appear simple, but it takes the proper combination of fixtures to allow your spaces to shine. Explore the many options, and consider both function and aesthetics and go shed some beautiful light into your home! If you need some help, contact one of our electrical contractors for advice and turn to an interior designer who can find stylish fixtures to light up your favourite spaces!

About the Author: Dvira Ovadia is a Toronto-based celebrity award-winning designer and principal of Dvira Interiors.

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