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Increase Your Home’s Liveable Space With A Home Addition

It’s no secret that home prices in the city of Toronto have gotten out of hand and, quite frankly, out of reach for many of city’s young professional residents.

With no immediate relief in sight, current homeowners with families are looking more and more towards home additions to increase the liveable space in their home and accommodate member’s needs for living space when purchasing a new property is not a practical solution.

Many are also considering home additions as a means to profit from the current shortage of rental space in the city.

The great thing about a home addition is that, once it’s done, you can use it for either purpose.

Don’t take my word for it though; Bole Cirovic of industry leading Modular Home Additions has identified this particular niche as a growing part of his business.

“Current home prices are incredible and people are looking for housing alternatives in this very challenging market” Cirovic explains.

What does a home addition offer you?

“Simply put, home additions or extensions allow you to create private liveable space in your home that can be used for kids, grandparents or for rental purposes” Cirovic explains.

If you are currently living in a bungalow, for example, a home addition will allow you to double your liveable space by adding a second storey to your home.

“With that extra 800-850 square feet you can economically add two bed rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom to your home. What you do with the space is up to you!” Cirovic adds.

For owners of multi-storey homes, home additions often end up being constructed on the back of the lot, where a reasonable amount of space will be required to the job.

If you are unsure about whether or not your home is an ideal candidate for an addition, you can contact Modular at 416-759-4663 for a free consultation.

Important information for those considering a home addition

Like what you’ve heard so far today? Considering taking another step towards a home addition?

There are some very important things you need to keep in mind.

  1. “Many people give us a call in March expecting to start work in Summer, but it doesn’t work like that.” Cirovic explains. Building permits in the city of Toronto take some time to come through and you may be looking from the start of the process to when the work can finally be completed. Due to shortages in rental spaces in the city this process should be expedited, but it still not happening.


  1. “Homeowners with trees that may need to be removed or with ravines on their property may be looking at additional permit applications for work to be done” Cirovic explains. A permit to “injure or move trees” may be required if the tree on your property meets municipal criteria.

There are some great benefits to considering an addition to your home and obviously some things to keep in mind as well.

The good news is that Modular Home Additions works on a 365 day schedule and has completed over 1,000 projects in the GTA since the year 2000. If you are looking to expand the liveable space in your home either to accommodate family or to make money ( or both), reach out to them at (or call 416-759-4663 – for a free consultation and an appointment) or have a closer look at their profile here on


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